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Standing Strong in her Circles of GRIT

Meet Jasmine Virginia, a.k.a. Jumpin’ Jasmine, an incredibly talented visual artist who followed the promptings of a lucid dream that was clear in its message to start creating light-filled art. When she’s not creating transformative pieces, she’s writing music and rocking stages across Canada as the front woman of well-known Alternative Rock band POLARITY.

A couple of GRITizens have had a GRIT compass with more than one word per letter but Jasmine is the first to describe her GRIT as three concentric circles.

GRIT 1: Grace + Respect + Integrity + Tenacity

GRIT 2: Grounding + Result + Impact + Teach

GRIT 3: God’s Will + Remove + Intuition + Truthfulness

The circle is one of the strongest shapes because stress is distributed equally instead of concentrating at any one point and Jasmine is standing strong in her circles of GRIT. Listen in as we explore themes of suffering, self-sabotage, surrender, staying the course, self-care and success as a full-time Creative.


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