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Signs You Have "Mother Issues"

Do you have “Mother Issues”?

Well, we all do, whether we realize it or not. How can we not? We spent a good chunk of time in their bodies. Whether we grew up with our mothers or not, “had a great relationship” with them or not, or we’ve grown up to become parents and are in the role of “mother”, we all carry memories and burdens and bonds passed onto us by our mothers.

We often joke in our culture about “father issues” (which I will get to next month), but we are often silenced out of deep loyalty and a social taboo to look at our mother issues. It usually only happens when we sit in the therapist’s chair.

Yet, the core work, from my experience as a Family Constellations facilitator and also from my own healing journey, is that our “Mother Issues” have a rich and deep impact around how we navigate life, death, our bodies, relationships, and self-perception.

If you were given away at birth, or you were an emotional orphan, those wounds can be obvious. What happens if you were “over-loved” by your mother or “smothered” as some say? That can have a real impact on your confidence and capacity to get out there in the world.

Some common signs you are still carrying unresolved mother issues are:

  • Perfectionism

  • Putting women on pedestals or having power struggles with women

  • Feeling less than or not enough

  • A sense of emptiness

  • Disordered eating

  • Struggles with a sense of home or feeling settled

  • Skewed self-image (an unrealistic opinion of yourself)

  • Difficulty with your peer group or siblings

These are just some of the challenges and not an exhaustive list. The challenge is knowing exactly how the relationship with your mother is playing out in your life.

This is one relationship dynamic I look at in the Unknot Your Roots Program for those who really know the importance of getting to the bottom of the issues they are facing in their life. By using coaching techniques of deep questions, reflective journaling, Family Constellations exercises, you will gain real insights into how your mother issues are playing out. You will then have the clarity to create new approaches to your life with more inner strength, meaning and connection.

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to chat. Just send me an email to: or book a FREE “Get to the Root of the Problem” Clarity Session with me.

Please note: though this program can have a therapeutic effect, I am not a trained psychotherapist. If you are struggling with a current trauma state, please reach out to a mental health provider. My expertise comes from life experience, being a holistic practitioner and transformative coach for over 10 years, and Family Constellations Facilitator for over 5 years.

Never forget, you are loved, lovable and strong within your vulnerability.

with hugs,



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