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Self-Care Weekly Planner is now available on Amazon!

- Daily Needs Identification: Dedicated space for pinpointing your key needs each day.

- Self-Care Practice Selection: A designated area for choosing and noting your daily self-care activity.

- Gratitude Recording: A section for documenting things you are thankful for each day.

- Intention Setting Area: Space allocated for establishing a daily intention or goal.

- Weekly Review and Reflection: An area to look back and reflect on your week's experiences and learnings.

- Inspirational Content: Includes motivational quotes, self-care tips, and uplifting dragonfly-themed messages.

- Journaling Pages: Ample journal space is provided for deep self-exploration and daily reflection.

This planner is structured to support and encourage regular self-care, gratitude, and introspection, enhancing your overall well-being. (26.86$ - 8.5x 11)



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