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Reclaim Your Power, Life Your Passion Mastermind Group

Reclaim Your Power, Live Your Passion Master Mind Group is a private Facebook group and it is about taking back control of your Power and Living life with Passion and Love within yourself. We are a results oriented group. The testimonials speak for itself. No fluff.

If you are a business owner surviving or struggling and you want to thrive then we have tools in place to work with you to get you there. "Your are your business and your business is you" as you already know. Do know that you will be given task that you will be assigned for this is not a free ride.

If you are a career oriented individual and you are looking to climb to the top, then we have tools in place for you to have the perfect job and $$ you seek. We will teach you how to have and build the confidence you need in order to be in control of your life both personal and career wise. There is also homework to be done.

You have challenges, conflicts and more in your personal life then you are also in the right place. Divorced sucked the life out of you? Family issues? Lack of appreciation, no confidence, a slave to others and more... then you are in the right place. Regain the respect you so desire.

On a Soul Journey and you are not sure which direction you are headed then the tools and teachings will guide you on the right path. It will bring clarity to you and we will walk with you and so much more.

So the question is, are you one, two or all of the above? My answer is that you are all of the above for although you may not have a business and you have a job or a career you are the CEO of your life.

What you will get out of the membership for a very low monthly fee? Weekly trainings Daily teachings Monthly sessions Discount to external trainings

... and more

Additional questions, then email Dianne at

P.S. A few testimonials, experiences and transformations... all real time results:

Testimonial: The Stepladder Approach to S.M.A.R.T GOAL Setting workshop.

“After attending Dianne’s Stepladder Approach workshop, all I can say is wow, wow, and wow! After the workshop, I had so much more clarity, focus and determination to pursue my goals based on the S.M.A.R.T goal setting methodology taught to us.

During the powerful visualization exercise, it seemed like Dianne took me to another dimension. I saw with my clear eyes the perfect home for me, a harmonious and loving relationship, as well as a striving business providing impact to the world.

The field created was simply beyond words, so much golden light radiating in the path I am about to embark on.

I recommend everyone to take this workshop, it’s the perfect gift for yourself in 2022 to make that transformation you have always desired!”

- Alan Luk


Testimonial: The Stepladder Approach to S.M.A.R.T GOAL Setting workshop.

Here is what Nivedita Saraswati had to say about last evening's workshop:

"The Stepladder Approach to S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting. I was truly honored to be invited to the workshop with Dianne and found it amazing. It truly delivered what it promised and was a great insightful journey that everyone will benefit from. No matter who you are for it touches all aspects of life, whether business or simply living your truth. Dianne's'workshop was well worth attending and so enjoyable as well as very insightful, I highly recommend it. Nivedita xx"

Regain Your Power, Live Your Passion Series:

Topic - How to Manifest your Goals and Dreams

“When I attended day 2 of Dianne’s class, I didn’t know what to expect. I first came on filled with busy and raising thoughts in my mind and I felt quite distracted.

Then Dianne started walking us through the various exercises, which included releasing negative emotions through the scorpion process, charka clearing in the energy centres, and then finally taking us to the deep state of theta.

My heart felt so much more open, peaceful and calm. It felt like I had an amazing nap and woke up refreshed and energized.

I know in an unconscious level, so much healing has been done.

Thank you Dianne for the powerful experience!”

- Alan Luk

Regain Your Power, Live Your Passion Series:

Topic - How to Manifest your Goals and Dreams

Nivedita Saraswati's Testimonial - Day 2.

Awesome day, I loved the scorpion process and have practiced it previously, but found it had really deepened.

Then the journey through the chakras brought amazing images and sensations in the body.

The Theta Practice was SOOOO good, I have practiced Theta before but not quite like this one which was truly an empowering session.

If you haven't joined this gift this week, you are missing some powerful healing experiences folks.

Additional questions, then email Dianne at


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