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Personal Wellness Retreat

Enjoy 3 days of immersed care and solo reflection time. During your retreat you will have a beautiful comfortable peaceful room to rest in. You will be provided with delicious, whole food (macrobiotic seasonally based) vegetarian/vegan meals per day, daily yoga and meditation practices to support your inner work and foster a sense of body, breath and spirit connection and wellness spa/body work treatments. In the evenings your will have the opportunity to sink into a deeply relaxing yin yoga practice followed by a crystal singing bowl sound journey.

You will arrive in the afternoon and settle into your beautiful, comfortable, peaceful room. After landing you will have the opportunity relax and settle in, followed by a delicious healthy, seasonal dinner. In the evening we will enjoy a gentle yin yoga practice followed by a crystal singing bowl sounding. During day 2 you will have the option of joining us for a do-in (meridian awakening practice) or yoga practice and meditation. Followed by a seasonal breakfast and herbal tea. either during the morning or the afternoon you will have to opportunity to feel the gentle, balancing effects of a zen shiatsu body treatment. During the day you will also have personal time to read, write, or walk in nature, and time for a delicious whole food macrobiotic lunch and dinner and evening yin yoga with sounding journey. On day 3 you will enjoy morning yoga and meditation, a delicious brunch and some free time or optional addition treatment before you head back home in the afternoon or the following morning.

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