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Our One True Reality - We Are One, We Are Whole

Channeling July 25, 2023 Poem

Feels like the future is here at last, we welcome the pigeons that ride on our past.

We plunder and practice all the things that we know, we teach it and share it in hopes we all grow.

The deliverance of kindness is seeping right through to the thought and the wonders and to all that is new.

The beginning of the shining and casting the light. We scare off the shadows we see in the night.

With gladness and patience, we help you come home to the beating of hearts and to sit on your throne. You have worked hard, and patience has gotten you through, to feel all the sadness dispel and leave you. The beginning of tidings that have brought you here. Are of the lessons you learned and of shedding a tear. The forgiveness and greatness that you have upheld. Will bring though your courage and mindlessly meld.

To the passions you have simmered and left all alone. Will keep coming back to you until it’s your own. In the deepest desires now and fiery flames, you feel into gladness and fall out of blame. To keep yourself useful you have blatantly said, come hither my darling and come into my bed.

You sought out this figure of feeling so tall, unwitting knowing in love you may fall. To the believers and haters who come out into sight.,

You find your divided in search of a fight. But the news is now telling of something brand new. Of the forecast of sharing and telling your truth.

Coming out of the silence and of comparingly open you look in the mirror and see we aren’t broken.

We come in so neatly and serve them so well. To the forms of discussion and the stories we tell. Come out of blindness and dismiss the untruth as we are uncovering and learning of our actual roots,

The ancient have been sharing the notions of fate that where we have come from is not through the gates.

The stories of creation and sharing DNA with the ones we call Gods of who we are made.

Made up in a lab and distinguishly smart, have been all put together and then torn all apart. Then built up again in the form of perfection and unknowingly known, we must be protected. From the grimes and the grimaces of the unsightly nobles.,
when taking our oath to bow down to the foibles. We sprinkle in light in a story of a savior then curse you to pieces as your faith starts to waiver. To be blinded thus far and in search of your purpose you lean in together and find yourself worthless.

To be tricked and to be tried on in seeking the truth., you dig in your heels and now feel it come loose. Of the old fashion bantings of keeping you small you join in communion and you break down this wall. Casting aside now the ones that have ruled and keeping you blind and being so cruel.

To the ones who are awake now and have gone in so far, to discover the path of who they truly are. The path is unwinding, and civilians are rising all up to the challenge and no more dividing. The connections of truth that have set them apart have come to the surface and opened their hearts. No more division in the ways to the new earth. We come all together in this shift and this birth. The new ports are sighted, and we are openly aware of the earthly connections that have always been there. The curtains are drawn now and the vails have lifted as we enter new earth as we go through the shifted. The people, the places, the beings around us, all come into focus and completely astound us.

As we move forward on purpose and seek to recover, all our secret connections and more to discover. Our lives come together, and we finally can grow to the next future being of the ones that will know. Of the ancient discoveries have come from our past, but belong in our future, of one that will last. Through the visions and prophets of ones we all knew, Will be told in the stories beginning with you. Throughout all the ages the sages did say that our day of ascension may be here in a day.

The battles are finished, and the future is clear as the day of forgiveness is finally here.

We come out of the shadows and into the light and begin our transition as it comes into sight.

The notion of being a being of love, sharing the consciousness of Christ from above. Our heart strings connected in baring our souls in our one true reality, we are one, we are whole. The words have been spoken; the light has now won. so, let it be written so let it be done.

Melissa Downward is a true healer, physically, energetically and spiritually. She is a Spiritual Channeller, Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Coach, Writer, Teacher, Psychic Medium/Channeler, Hypnotherapist. Melissa has trained as a Reiki Master, and Registered Practical Nurse. For many years, Melissa sensed her angels and guides around her. Intuitively, she has received messages through channeling, and regularly shares, records, and publishes the messages and guidance that she receives. This work has helped many receive comfort and light while on their Light Path Transition. No one is alone and it is Melissa’s passion to ensure that all who are in pain, know that there is always someone looking over them, whether here or beyond, and are helping them heal at a soul level.

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