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My Journey to the Spiritual Life

Well let’s start with this - I have always believed in psychics and was hopeful that Medium’s were real to me. I have always been a sensitive person and an empath along with a great gut instinct (Intuition). I am very close to my family especially my mom she was my confidant, protector, and could always make me feel better no matter what - right to the day she passed away - this is where it all begins!

I was with my mother when she passed, I didn’t sleep for three days straight. I was by her side as I know she was afraid to die. I was traumatized by this experience but also devastated at my loss. Life fell apart as I knew it and I became suicidal from all the trauma and my mother gone. I looked and looked for signs from her and nothing.

So, I finally went and saw a medium and she came through loud and clear. That day my heart opened up just a little bit again and I had hoped to carry on again. I should also mention I lost my most favourite uncle, who was like a second father to me. He passed about a year and a half before my mom did. Two big losses in my life to cope with. He too came through the reading that day. With many important messages for me! I cannot explain how important this reading was to me and the hope it gave me and helped me with grieving.

Now I’m not trying to bring you down LOL. No feeling sorry for me, just explaining my Journey.

Now hold onto your seat - with less detail to this part but just as emotional. My dad passed away less than two years apart from my mom. So three major deaths in my life in less than four years... now you can see the devastation I was in. This lead to depression, anxiety which I already had. The doctors tried many different kinds of medication and different kinds of counselling but nothing helped. So I took matters into my own hands and searched all about Reiki.

After researching it I knew it felt right and I began taking Reiki treatments and life coaching. This was crucial to my healing of my anxiety depression and grieving. There are no words to explain the transformation in my life from these treatments. As I had Reiki treatments from the practitioner, she would tell me there was a male in the room and a female as she described them I knew it was my parents they showed up in every one of my treatments from then on. Super amazing and cool. The light began to shine and this is when I decided to become a Reiki practitioner which lead to Reiki master teacher. Literally the best thing I have ever done besides having my beautiful daughter.

After I got my Reiki I began to feel their presence around me, also because I was living in a higher state of vibration it was easier to feel them around but I wanted more. Then I started thinking how wonderful it would be if I could become a medium to what an amazing gift that would be to help others as I did as a Reiki practitioner and medium.

So then I booked a reading with a very reputable Medium to have an in-depth reading for my mom and dad. My parents came through very strong. I was in total awe of this person and the gift she had. So I started asking questions about how do you become a medium. She said to me anyone can be a medium, I started to laugh out loud at her.

She said no I’m serious with lots of hard work on yourself and certain other things you need to do you could be one too. She began to tell me how she teaches courses, on becoming a medium. So of course I said I’m in sign me up! What an experience it was I loved every minute of it . Just like that, bam - I became a medium, not quite that easy lots of work on myself and practice activities and my course. This is the best gift I have ever received in my life.

I am beyond grateful for this gift God gave me, now I too am helping others.

Then of course my coach made it clear how strong and powerful I was with my gift. She said that one day I could be better than her if I continued working on it. I was like ok right but she meant it. This was one of the highest compliments I’ve ever had. So I went forward and took her Psychic course and yes things intensified huge for me. The transformation this woman was able to help me get through with simply no less than amazing! So this is how I became to live in a Spiritual life.

Now I can say my light is bright again full of love and joy once again but best of all now I am able to help many others heal and lead better lives. This is my purpose in life now. Now I have A business called Let The Energy Flow. This is the story of how I came to live in a spiritual lead life. I hope you enjoyed the story or even more so that it inspires someone in some way.

Love and Light,


Let The Energy Flow

Photo Credit: Nick Scheerbart


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