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Mediums and What They Can Do for You

Elia Pellegrini

We are not to believe? I’m a believer from way back when even before I came a medium. If you read my article my journey to leading a spiritual life you will know I believed so much I became a medium! Before I go on about believing or not believing, let’s talk about how a medium is real and not full of malarkey. You need to understand how our past loved ones are still with us now, this is just a short version of this topic, I’ll talk about it on a deeper level another day. As soon as we are born we are given a soul it is not part of our physical body but lives in our heart chakra per say. It is your true self!

Another topic for another day lol. Our souls run on vibration. Our physical body also runs on vibration confusing I know right. Our bodies Run on scientifically and vibrationally so when we pass away to the spirit world our bodies disintegrate but our souls live on forever just in the spirit world . So when we speak of the spirit world it is our souls that are still vibrating and connecting with us. I hope this kinda helps you understand how it works. Another day I will go deeper into explaining this.

So on to how many humans can help you. First and foremost you will learn that they really are still with you always. This will give you comfort in knowing they really are with you. The first thing in the Medium reading is which spirit is connecting with us. This gives you validation. This means they will tell something special to show you who it is. It will be something clear for you to know it is them. For instance everyone knows the regular things like watch for Cardinals finding dimes our signs there with you.

An example is you rode a blue tricycle with stickers on it in a basket on the front or you were with them when they died and you brought one rose for them or they will tell me something that you said to them before they died. Now for the critics out there that don’t believe who say We just go on Facebook and find information out about you well if they’re a real medium like me we don’t have time for that and have better things in life to do. I don’t know first time customers so when things are validated during the reading they realize that what I’m doing is real and send more people to me. Validation in a reading is the most important part to give belief in the Readings.

The biggest thing in Medium can do for you through the process of grieving! How do you ask let me tell you. Now that you realize spirit is real, the medium can begin to converse with spirit to give you messages. They tell me what you need to look forward to know when they are with you. Common ones are butterflies cardinals finding dimes and rainbows. Other things can be turning on the TV and off or making the lights flicker or candles blowout. On a deeper connection I can teach you to sit in silence and learn how to feel their energy or to feel a certain touch or tingling to let you know they are there. This is so helpful when you’re having a difficult time in life and it helps you to get through.

Part of grieving is the loss but when a medium connects with them and you learn they are with you always, it gives you comfort knowing they are with you. It also lets you know you have a way to talk with them through a medium whenever you need to. You also get relief knowing that they can hear you when you talk to them on a daily basis. When you get the details of what to look for specifically from your loved one it gives you hope and guidance on what to look for so you can have communication with them yourself.

It is also to know that they are OK in the spirit world that can give you some relief also. You also get unanswered questions answered usually but sometimes spirit doesn’t answer them because they feel you do not need to know that answer but usually your questions are answered. The warmth love and closure you get from the reading is so deep you can’t even explain it. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for this gift of connection With a loved one in spirit or as the saying goes there isn’t enough money in the world to replace this experience. Returned visits to a medium will always make you feel still connected and loved by your loved ones in the spirit world.

Any questions on this topic feel free to contact me or to book a reading. Once again I hope you enjoyed my article sending you love and light.

MaryBeth Farrar

Let The Energy Flow

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