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The Unlikely Risk Taker

The dictionary defines a risk taker as “A person who is willing to do things that involve danger or risk in order to achieve a goal”.

Do you consider yourself a risk taker?I certainly did not.But, most recentlyI have been reflecting on my journey, personally and professionally, and one thing that stood blaring out at me were all my business ventures. Most of my business ventures involved new territory for me. I get an idea and I run with it. In many regards it was a case of “fake it till I make it” situations, and fortunately for me I “made it”. That’s risky, right?

I have taken the risk of starting a business from the ground up with little to no experience or resources at hand, just an idea and a dream. My journey takes me from being a banker to CEO of a media company and now to a certified healer focused on wellness. That is right, I am now venturing into the Soul Healing Business. I never thought of myself as a healer ever. In the same respects, I never considered myself in media or banking and frankly I am not sure what area I was looking for when I was younger and trying to find my “calling”. Growing up, everyone I knew from high school was either employed by the government or the bank. That was not me, I thought. I chose to leave the sunny, warm weather of my island Trinidad to study Computer Programming in the cold streets of New York City.I loved it, the experience and also the program, but I never used computer programming a day in my life.I grew up in a business family and from the age of 10, I was already helping out at the office which was downstairs from my home. My parents built a furniture factory from scratch that supplied school furniture country wide in Trinidad.That always fascinated me.Unfortunately, that business was sabotaged and burned down to the ground and my family had to start over however it never did really thrive after for my father passed away a few years after the incident. Fast forward, I am now in Canada, years later, and it is even colder than New York City. I have a family and working at a bank.

After 18 years, I realized that something was missing. I did not want to have to work another 18 years and retire as a bank employee. So, what did I do?I got up and quit the bank cold turkey. I was going to be my own boss! The dream and the opportunity of entrepreneurship was new territory for me.There were big risks involved! I cannot deny there was a certain rush and energy that came with the unknown. I had no idea what I was doing at the time. I just knew that I was doing it, period! I tried various MLM companies, but found that it was a tough job.It was a real hustle to keep up with the demands of the business.I still use many of the products and services today, but the business structure was not for me. As I continued to seek other business ideas, it was suggested to me to write a book. I thought, “Me? Goodness no.” However, I thought, if my friend can do it, then so can I.I set out to write my first book “Mrs. Fraud and You” focused on cyber security and identity protection.It became my business card for years.

I strongly recommend that you find your business card now, go and write a book!This book led me to become a radio and TV show host, working with local and international broadcasting stations. I Launched my own show, owned my first media company and studio. After two years, I unfortunately had to close the studio and rebranded my media company to Olive Media Network, all the while, working on The Entrepreneurs’ Network and becoming a globally recognized name.

My ventures were not all businesses. I founded the International Men’s Day Canada officially in 2017 during which I began going through a few health and personal challenges. The thing is that most people did not know about all my health challenges at the time.During that short span of time I ventured, yet again and opened up another studio space. Risky, right? Well, it turned out that I had to shut the doors on that one again in these not so normal times and made it challenging to carry on business as usual in the traditional sense. Rewind to 2012 I started my training as a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy.

My journey of self-discovery, led me to helping many others. What I did not realize at the time, was that it also led me to who I was meant to be. I was literally saved in 2019 when I finally figured out my calling.I am now a TAO Hand Practitioner aka a healer.It has aided in healing my body from spinal curvature and more. Now I use my experiences and my gifts to help heal others. Risky? Yes. An unlikely risk in many cases. The risk, the challenges, the obstacles, the hurt, the pain, the struggles and more is what comes with the decision and it is not a walk in the park. It literally is a 24-hour job at times. The pursuit of your purpose comes with various degrees of risk and any time you step out of your comfort zone to venture into achieving a goal in business and life, you are a risk taker. Unlikely,but a risk taker nonetheless.

Dianne Ojar is The Experiential Coach, President & CEO of Olive Media Network Ltd, Philantropreneur, Author, Broadcast Host, Public Speaker, and Healer.||

Bio: Dianne Ojar is a globally recognized Canadian CEO, philantropreneur and serial entrepreneur.An expert in women’s entrepreneurship, power coaching, networker, and soul-healing practitioner, Dianne continues to empower women and her community through her life-long acquisition of skills and experiences asThe Experiential Coach.The multiple award-winning public figure and author whose empathetic and caring personality does not accept “NO” as an answer.Dianne is a motivator, mentor and “Doer”. She makes things happen. She is always welcoming, willing and open to share her knowledge, skills and expertise with those in need.She is in the practice of helping, healing and leading those who seek transformation and elevation in their lives.

Dianne Ojar, The Experiential Coach and CEO of Olive Media can be contacted….|


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