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Invest In Yourself

Seems to me that most of us invest in our educations, our kid’s futures, our homes and our money situation. But most of us forget to invest in ourselves. Our health. Our own well-being. Maybe it seems like it’s more work because there are just so many other things to do in life, but one must remember that if our health fails, we may not be able to go back.

How many people do you know that will put off going to the doctor? Or they may eat foods that they know, they know will bother them later? Come on, be honest. That cheesecake looked good right? But your tummy isn’t going to feel great after eating it. And if you continue to stress out your body by not paying attention to the signs it’s giving you; signs that you need to make some changes, the path to recovery can be more difficult.

Reschedule some other appointments and visit your doctor. Or see your natural path and find out what food sensitivities you may have that don’t allow you to enjoy that luscious cake. Why are you sweating when all you are doing is going up the stairs? Don’t wait to find out you are stressed and need to take some downtime. Something many tend to say... later…later. But later may be too late.

A doctor, a natural path, nutritionists, and those that know about the good, the bad and the ugly of how our bodies function can give you some ideas on steps you can take to feel better. Do you want to lose some weight? Fit back into that nice little dress, or smaller-sized pants, then stay away from lots of sugar and cut back on that pizza. Move your body and get your blood flowing. And when you have been told to invest in medication or supplements, rest and relaxation, do it! Keep your sanity instead of trying to cope with everything you are going through.

Let’s face it. If a friend of yours came to you and told you how crazy busy they have been as of late, wouldn’t you suggest some time off? Of course, you would. So, take your own advice. Slow down when you think you are overworked. Go for a walk and get some air. Do some deep meditations. Or just lift up your feet and enjoy that green tea. Minus all the toppings.

Whatever you are doing in life, take a moment to think of yourself as much as you think of others. Remember, your loved ones want you around for a long time. So, if you won’t do it for yourself, think of those you love.

I remember years ago I was so stressed after trying to deal with a spouse who was diagnosed with Bipolar. I never took the time for myself. Ever. Like I said earlier. There was just too much to do. I slowly gained weight and was having a difficult time dealing with everything I was going through. I felt horrible and certainly didn’t want to walk past a mirror. When the relationship because dangerous to be around and I finally had to leave with our young child, I fought to take the time for myself because before, everything revolved around my spouse, my young child and other family members I was looking after.

I got myself checked out and made sure things were working the way they should be. I started to move my body at every chance I had. As I cooked dinner or blow-dried my hair. Seriously, I was determined to get myself back to health. I bought supplements and began to eat healthier. And I kept my natural paths appointments and followed what they told me. I knew they were going to get me to where I wanted to go.

Life changes and we may fall off the wagon so to speak, but it’s recognizing that we have to adjust things in our lives that no longer work for us and get back to the business of feeling better. Whether that is keeping more stress away from us or removing situations or those in our lives that are not good for us.

We are entering a new world. A world where we matter. It’s no longer thought to be rude if you don’t want to do what you really don’t want to do, like go to dinner with someone you really don’t like but are trying to be nice. Maybe you’d rather curl up with a good book or watch a TV show. It’s all good. As long as it’s something that you, not someone else want to do.

So, kick off your shoes, pull on that robe and snuggle up for the night. Enjoy some YOU time.

SR John

SR John is a Writer, Author and Life Coach. She offers various Writing services as well as Life Coaching services, dealing with caregivers looking after their loved ones. As a caregiver herself to both a spouse who was diagnosed with Bipolar and then to a parent, she understands the importance of self-care when it comes to looking after ourselves during difficult times. She is the author of Bipolar Love Caring For The Caregiver 8 Simple Steps To Self-Care, a book for caregivers, as well as a children’s fiction book, ‘Ghost Detective The Magic Ruby. You can check out her books on or visit her site at Her email address is also listed below.

Life Coach - Coaching the Caregiver, Supporting those that care for loved ones

Books: Bipolar Love Caring For The Caregiver 8 Simple Steps To Self-Care (non-fiction)

Ghost Detective The Magic Ruby (fiction)

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