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In the 
of Light

In the lights and the knowing we are here; we shine forth and blast off in a million directions in the spectrum of light that is beneath and beyond the all-knowing and all-seeing eye. It is in bewilderment and in-kind teachings now that we have come to you and in so doing, we have ripped that bandage off really quickly for you to understand the deep seeded truths and mystifying powers that are within the true facets deep within your hearts space my dear one.

The energetic pathways are opening up and you are now seeing the truth for the first time of your divineness and your deep value within the depth of your soul. For you are awakening to your own truth in your own intuition and awareness that is being shown to you now and that has been shown to you before as you have barred witness to the unfolding of the crevices and fine truth teaching on your own spiritual journey and pathway.

With discernment you have listened to others and speakers and thought leaders and you have absorbed so much knowledge and wisdom from each and every one of them, but my dear one, there is so much more to go sink into. So much deeper now as you have now uncovered the bare bones and beginning of the magical and mystical ways of working with the universe and how you give to the universe and how the universe gives back.

Into the heart space and platforms we go now as you are feeling and witnessing the trueness of your journey and of the lovely and lively souls we have put on your path and now you are listening with bells on my dear and you are facing a truth that you are finding difficult to see and to find, and you know how this goes deeply into your core beliefs of yourself and the feeling of belongingness in your patterns you lead and leave in your lifetime’s now.

We go in deep with structure and we go in deeper with the signs and the open space around you to absorb into your light body and deep into your DNA. These messages of encodement are now unlocking the biggest keys and biggest kept secret on your world at this time, of the powers of true abundance are encoded deep within your heart and soul and now my dear one you are finally opening up to your truth, your fine knowledge and wisdom in all the keys that are opening and awakening at this time.

We are all sitting in delight and in wonder with you all now and are in a jettison kind of mode and of movement as we are all leaning on you now to discover you next steps of your divine plan and course correct yourself to be in true full alignment of who you truly are and who you are meant to be.

Be of one and be of light and be in the continuum of your true alignment and allow your true self to surface and be shown the true wonders of this mortal being that you are and are becoming. You are passing on the next steak and stocks on your path and journey and the walking stick of energetic encoding and alignment are now being traced back to your ancient times here on this planet earth you call home, and you are now seeing and feeling the activations come through to you that you are allowing into your very core being at this time.

You are also in fine attunements now and know this is something that will be passed along the ways to your kinship and it will return back to you once again in your next lifetime and in the honor of your tribe and tribal traditions you will seek forth many more exquisite pathways’ and journeys in each and every other lifetime you will encounter on this planet and on many other worlds that you will be participating in on this cofactor of remembrance and in gear shifting momentum.

You will find your fleet in the night sky and bring forth new evolutionary pathways to your planet earth in the near future and you will be participating with the galactic federation of light and the guardians of light in your next fine-tuning assessment of planet earth and other systems in your galaxy and beyond and around your moons and suns my dear one.

The awakenings are unfolding and the truth to be told and shared across the nations and in this one true galactic family of yours will continue to contribute to the upgrade coming on your world.

So please hold tight and hang on for the ride of a million light years speed ahead for this is what it will feel like in the coming generations and millennia of your time space continuum here on this planet earth you call home.

Please continue to rise and shine and feel gratitude for a thousand heart space connections you are feeling and building at this time. For the special ones you will hold dear in your heart and by having the remembrance of gratitude and thankfulness in an ever-expanding heart of oneness and trueness. The beloved will continue to shine and hold space for you to continue your evolutionary pathway and journey in the here and the now.

As you continue to contemplate your next moves, just know you are being continuously divinely guided within the circle of twelve and the benevolent ones that shine in light of your true consciousness and connection to the all-knowing” “I am” source energy now. We are with you always and have always been there. And know and trust it is there ,it is written, and it is done and in heaven on earth you will become the most treasured everlasting unity of connection of consciousness on your planet earth. We see and seek you and all others of connection in this embodiment of light and love now, we go now in peace and hope and in the love and light.

Melissa is a Spiritual Channeller, Intuitive Healer, Coach, Mentor, Writer, Teacher, Psychic Medium/Channeler , Hypnotherapist and Essenian Assistant Healer. Melissa has trained as a Reiki Master, Registered Practical Nurse, and a Medical Office Assistant. She is a contributing writer for a Beautiful Life magazine and speaks on many topics on sharing the wisdom that we are all one and we are all connected within our heart-opening awareness.

Melissa also uses her intuition to help guide you to connect to your soul through guided meditation, channelling, and reiki energy healing, to help you gain clarity, peace and purpose so you can bring forth your best self, your true self, out into the world. She will also help you open up to discover your deep intuition and guidance system and you will learn what this inner compass is all about. She will help you to learn to trust what you are sensing and feeling as you learn to see, sense and feel what your soul is saying to you.

This work has helped many feel their true inner connection and rise up to their true calling! No one is alone on their journey and its Melissa’s passion to remind you that whether here or beyond, you have someone looking over you! For many years, Melissa sensed her angels and guides around her and know that inside this space is where the magic happens!


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