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Hypocrisy Fatigue

There is so much we can talk about in today’s world but none so frustrating, rage inducing, and soul ravaging as the sheer hypocrisy happening every day.

Name the subject - which stores are allowed to be open, politicians blaming other politicians for the very acts they do on a regular basis, celebrities screeching about women’s rights while giving a pass to known abusers if they like them, advisors telling us to stay home from their vacations overseas, Royals and Elites lecturing us about the environment while flying in private jets and don’t even get me started on the topic of selective democracy.

What hits me is that this hypocrisy not only affects us mentally in that the endless screeching wears us down- but it can silently take a huge toll on our physical health too.

When you are faced with such unfairness, bias, lies, and shear audacity it can be blinding and knock you off kilter. You can start your day happy and end the day miserable, feeling helpless to fight the pure unjustness and dishonour in it all.

So what can we do to lessen the damage of hypocrisy?

I can state the obvious but not realistic advice: don’t listen to the news, get off social media, unfollow the biggest screechers.

I have stopped following one of my favourite media personalities due his screeching, I’ve stopped watching films and listing to music from actors / musicians who can’t stop yelling and I unsubscribed from news outlets and blogs that I used to enjoy.

But I can’t completely avoid the news or social media- I work online - the very act of opening up my computer and searching for something puts me on a page where news headlines jump out at you - When I post on social media I see the twitter trends and admittedly get sucked in - when once again someone told someone to do something they don’t feel they have to do.

So what else can we do?

Well......... this is what I’m doing:

I’m working hard to focus on my world. The world I can control, I can protect; the world I can elevate, I can motivate, I can feed positivity to, and I can express gratitude for.

I have started exercising more, eating healthier meals and meditating.

I read positive stories, I have begun following motivational speakers, and I own an online magazine that only allows positive articles on mental, physical, and spiritual health.

So I’m surrounding myself with positive people, ideas, concepts and advice... and I’m following it.

It helps create an buffer between me and what I can’t control. It strengthens my mind, feeds my soul, and keeps me physically stronger.

In my world - I want to stay hopeful that those who are dishonourable will be held accountable, those seeking justice will find it, and celebrities will stop yelling so I can watch their movies again and maybe… just maybe my favourite media personality will shut the heck up and be the wonderful person he was.

In my world, I have a place to retreat & recharge, put the screeching in perspective, find the positive and arm myself against the negative environment hypocrisy recreates.

And I hope you find that too.


Ronnie Swais

Producer / Publisher A Beautiful Life


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