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GRIT Gets You in Gear!

Piers Marsden is a self-proclaimed petrol head, universal sports fan and human ice breaker whose GRIT is the driving force behind his personal and professional success.

By day, he is a Management Consultant who specializes in the somber work of helping companies that are going through significant crisis. Mostly financial distress, but also reputational or some other existential issue. This line of work means Piers has to spend a substantial amount of time travelling from Canada to South Africa, far away from his wife and three children. In a powerful revelation, Piers shares that leaving is hard but coming home and reintegrating can be the biggest challenge of all.

Tune in to hear how his GRIT steers him toward the proverbial checkered flag and always gets him across the finish line at home, at work or at play!

Have you got enough GRIT? Download my audio book Know, Grow and Show Your GRIT! Self-Discovery Made Simple and learn more about the GRIT Pathways for individuals and groups.

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