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Gardening for the Soul

Spring provides us a brilliant visual of the magnificence of life, as seedlings nurtured with water and sunlight, held within the womb of the earth, are birthed into the world of the senses.

As the days start to lengthen after the cold winter months, and the sun’s warmth begins to draw our attention to the outside, our inward focus turns outward to the season of planting, nurturing and growth. Plants sleeping deep within the soil, now reach up and break through the crust of the earth, being called forth by the sunlight. What has been hidden in the darkness begins its ascent to the light, coming into full expression, blossoming into the fullness of itself.

Spring provides us a brilliant visual of the magnificence of life, as seedlings nurtured with water and sunlight, held within the womb of the earth, are birthed into the world of the senses.

As we step outside of our homes into the sunlight, into the fresh spring air, our senses are filled with sounds of birds and bees. The blanket of white snow is now replaced with vibrant greens, as we smell the first growth of spring, and feel the warm breeze that accompanies us on our outdoor adventures. It is a time of awakening, and connection.

This particular spring we are found in the most unusual of circumstances, living in a world of unknowns. A forced time of responsibility and reflection. A time for us to reconnect with ourselves and with the earth.

Planting a garden is a great way to ground ourselves.

It gives us a sense of purpose and connection which we need. It connects us to mother earth, and the gifts of life that she provides. Connecting to what is important and essential.

In preparing for our garden, we need to look at the many factors that will influence the best possible conditions for growth. The soil, the temperature, the timing, the sunlight exposure, all necessary to provide each seedling, each plant with what it needs to flourish.

Putting our hands in the earth, we see the life that lives within the earth; the worms, and little critters that we co-exist with, but rarely are aware of. We see the life that is all around us, and how each piece is a part of the whole.

At times of uncertainty, where we feel powerless, we do, in fact, have power over, our thoughts, choices, and actions. Planting a vegetable garden, for instance, gives us a sense of empowerment as we take control of our food source. It connects us to life and vitality and provides a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

For some it will be a brand new experience, that opens up a new community and a new perspective, because as we garden, we learn more about the environment and sustainability, and develop an appreciation for those that grow our food.

It can bring a sense of belonging as we are immersed in a relationship with the earth, the environment, the food we grow, and with ourselves. For in nurturing the plants, we nurture ourselves. As we give, we receive. What we plant in the soil, we plant in ourselves.

Working in our gardens, keeps us in the present moment, focused with all of our senses and provides a reprieve from the external stresses in our lives.

Whether it be a vegetable garden or flower garden, we are in a process of creativity and creation. As gardeners, we are stewards of new, healthy, vibrant growth, and of manifesting beauty into the world. We need to realize that we too, are seeds upon this earth, and are the stewards that nurture ourselves to grow and blossom.

As we tend daily to our gardens, we come to know, that everything is connected. That we are not separate from the natural world, we are a part of it, and that with our hands in the soil, we can feel that deep connectivity. To not just know it, but to feel and experience it, on a tactile level.

In learning how some plants do best alongside other plants, we can see that, we also, need to grow alongside a nurturing environment, both internally and externally. The soil in which our mind grows, needs to be watered, fed and weeded on a regular basis.

As we nurture the soil, we nurture our soul. So take your shoes off, feel the grass growing beneath your feet, feel the sunshine on your skin, and the wind in your hair.

Decide what you want to grow, what you want to create. What do you want to plant deep within the soil? How do you want to emerge from the darkness into the light?

What will make your garden grow?

For a healthy garden, we begin with a fertile foundation. With nutrient dense soil, and optimal growing conditions, and when we have this, we can all blossom where we are planted.


Linda Cooper


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