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“I am a magnificent being in the process of becoming ever more magnificent. My job is to be the best I can be right now."

When you’ve lost a sense of who you are, it’s similar to the grieving process when you have lost a loved one.

In finding self, understand which thought, pattern or habit supports or holds you back. This results in increased self-confidence, self awareness, determination, motivation, and problem solving abilities.

A good first step when one feels lost is to identify dreams and goals. This is a reference point that avoids feeling lost again.

As you reflect and start answering questions, you are developing a habit of finding self.

You may need to affirm “I am a magnificent being in the process of becoming ever more magnificent. My job is to be the best I can be right now" When doubt hits keep these affirmations handy and say them aloud with conviction.

Acceptance – In the silence, let go, knowing that everything is in Divine Order

Gratitude – Can foster greater awareness and growth as it attracts more to be grateful for.

Awareness - Understand what is hidden in your unconsciousness – your individual strengths and capabilities, thoughts, patterns and habits, You develop trust as you allow your heart center to guide you. You will learn to trust your inner knowing and connect more deeply through your heart with self and others.

Intention – Set your intention in the NOW. This will bring you into alignment with your vision, values and purpose, guiding your actions, direction and helps the Universe manifest what you want in a graceful way.

Forgiveness – holding on to anger fosters toxicity in body, mind and spirit. Forgiveness enables us to release toxic negative energy and it is imperative we forgive self and others.

Letting Go – By letting go, you make room for new opportunities and relationships.

Accountability – Know who you are, and release limiting beliefs which enables you to live to your fullest potential.

Helen Pearman Ziral, PhD is a purpose driven coach and facilitator whose work is centered around personal transformation and wellness. She assists women in uncovering their true essence and to shine as the person they are meant to be. Dr Helen Z has conducted individual and group coaching sessions and workshops about achieving the balance essential to multiple dimensions of wellness.

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