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De-Stress and Prioritize Your Happiness

It’s not an April fools joke: It’s high time we stop putting everybody else first. You are the hero of your own story. Take charge and learn to set boundaries that create Freedom.

You are worthy of self care and by caring for yourself, everyone else benefits!

To the women who are stressed out and exhausted, who have been putting everyone else first and neglecting their own needs: Life doesn’t have to be this way! You are allowed, even needed to live at your highest, happiest potential. When you do, you have energy not only for yourself but to help others, instead of giving from an empty cup. The world needs you to be energized and for your soul to be lit up.

This is a FREE 90 min class! Don’t miss it because the value is priceless.

What you’ll learn:

→ Let’s reframe “selfish”: it’s actually selfless & soulful to look after yourself first. You can’t care for anyone if you’re sick, exhausted, have nothing left to give (or are dead).

→ Learn how setting Healthy Boundaries is a way of showing yourself and others how much you love them and yourself.

→ Access tools to DE-STRESS and apply them right away

→ Real life strategies to help you reconnect with yourself & your body

→ Guided meditation: Access intuition to discover simple shifts to help you move from stressed, disconnected and unfulfilled at home and at work to a LIFE OF JOY, FREEDOM, FULFILLMENT and WEALTH

Expect to use your body, mind and spirit to tap into the intuition necessary to go against the grain and start feeling LIT UP.

We meet Saturday, April 1st, 10am Pacific (1pm Eastern). There will be a replay, but I recommend attending live so you can get my attention on your unique situation.

Please register via the link below!

Bring a friend to class and please share this link & post!

I’m excited to see you there!


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