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Connecting in the Pandemic Life

This time of our lives is not easy. It is truly a challenge because of the distance that we must put between us now to stay safe. However, this does open up the opportunities and the chance to really work on the meaningful connections of life. It is easy to drop in for ten minutes, check off the list and move on. Now, we have the same chances to just send an email or text, but we also have the true chance to make the connection we do matter.

Spend the time to really define what your visit, meeting or talk will look like. Zoom gets a lot of traction; prepare for the times you visit like you are preparing for a meeting at work. Some will say that this is not work, and you are correct. It is, however, important and meaningful and should be well thought out so you can make the connection that will matter. When you write out a greeting card, if you do, you should not just scribble their name and whatever the celebration is. You take the time to personalize the message and let them know that you are in their thoughts, their heart or that you are missing them.

We dress up for a date, we make a special dinner for a special occasion, but we cheap out on the other stuff that is equally important. Communication is the number one key to a good relationship, whatever that is. Friends matter, your spouse or partner matter, your pets matter, your parents and kids, all matter. The messages you send to them, all of them, should also matter and tailored to them. Realize the impact of a well written card, a thoughtful bouquet of flowers or a special gift that will make them smile. Even a heart- felt and well written email can change someone’s day from gloomy to bright. Know the power of your impact, how much you mean to someone and how much they mean to you. Don’t just rush the sentiment, feel it and let it feel you.

Today more than ever, we need to mean what we say and let our words speak for us. Start now and understand the happiness your card or text or email will bring. Make the feelings come alive with your vibrant and true self and most of all, do it because you care and want whoever you are reaching out to , to understand. We are a community, and we need to showcase our feelings and love and concern for those who matter most.

Do not forget that you are also someone who will receive these well thought out cards or texts. Trust is built on communication and love and so much more. Ensure that the love you have is known and that the time you take makes the difference.

Stay safe, be well.

Diane Makarowski

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