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Celebrating Valentine's Day When Cupid Has Not Been Kind

How do you get through Valentine’s Day when Cupid has not been kind? For those of us who are single or going through a divorce, February 14th can be a dreaded day.

Forget about the red roses and romantic rendezvous, here are five fulfilling ways to handle the holiday. 1) Embrace the Love that is all Around. Put aside the notion of romantic love, and celebrate the love that is all around you every day. Embrace your friends, your family, your coworkers, your neighbors, even your pets! Who brings joy to your life? Who do you like spending time with? Who do you turn to when you need a helping hand? Who do you laugh with? Cry with? Who brings you comfort and strength? Who makes you smile? Those people are your Valentines! 2) Fall in Love with Yourself. Get to know yourself and love yourself unconditionally. Here are some suggestions to help you realize just how awesome you are. Come up with six positive adjectives to describe yourself. List five traits, characteristics, attributes, or skills you are proud to possess. Name four things you accomplished this year. Name three obstacles you have overcome in your life. Name two things you have taught others. Name one person whose life you have touched. I hope this little exercise helps you recognize just how incredible you are. Place your hand over your heart and say, “I love me.” 3) Get Pampered. Treat yourself to something extra special on February 14th. Indulge in your favorite foods. Splurge on an item that’s been on your wish list. Try something you have always wanted to try—a new hobby, a new look, a new restaurant, a new adventure. Cater to yourself by planning an evening just for you. Spoil yourself guilt free. 4) Fill your Heart with Gratitude. When your heart feels empty, fill it with gratitude. Even in the worst of times, we have blessings to count. What are you grateful for? What are some things you can now do that you couldn’t do in your marriage? How can your life be better moving forward? Even in the midst of divorce, we can search for the silver linings. Be thankful for the experiences, the lessons learned, the insights gained and the future visions. Practice an attitude of gratitude daily. Find the bright side, for when your heart beams with gratitude, there is always possibility and hope. 5) Remember, it’s Just Another Day. You will get through this day, just like you survived every other holiday. In 24 hours, it will all be over. This day will come and go. If you are feeling sad or heartbroken or lonely, that’s ok. Those feelings will come and go as well. Give yourself time to heal and give yourself a big Valentine’s Day hug. You’ve got this. See ya later Cupid!


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