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Can We Re-Wire Our Brains?

Fun Fact: The brain does not know the difference between something real or imagined! Is this a story you are telling yourself from a time ago? Is it happening right now? The brain fires off the same chemistry as the first time you experienced it. The exact same way.

When this happens, those unwanted patterns in thought and emotion are actually reinforced, rather than disassembled.

Our brains are so efficient that whenever we do anything a whole lot of times in a row, we wire-up a habit!

Our habits enable us to do other things. However, our brains don't just wire-up the things we do, they wire-up the way we feel.

And sometimes.....we get stuck! Stuck in the past, can't let go. Stuck in arguments, stuck in blaming others, stuck in our lives.

Neural Network Therapy emerged in 1997(trademarked), as an alternative to traditional talk therapy, in response to advancements to neuroscience. A neural network is a habit that's formed in the brain. NNT is a series of exercises intended to develop new and improved pathways to replace old ones. Each exercise stacks on the next.

Each exercise is intended to create structural, lasting change.

So, in conclusion.....YES we can re-wire our brains! Stay tuned for more information

Ann-Marie Sullivan Emotional Health Practitioner


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