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We’re in this together, so why can’t we make the journey easier to bear?

I was not having a good day. One of those days where your thoughts just get worse and worse as the day progresses. In this dark moment, I started thinking about how mean the world is, and why people treat each other so badly. Then I started thinking about people who have been mean to me throughout my life. Yeah… I had a “why me” moment. It wasn’t pretty. Once that train of thought starts, its hard to stop the flow of every bad memory you’ve had of your life, making you feel like life really isn’t that great. In my despair, I went to see my greatest life coach, my mom. I said to her, “why? Why are people so mean? To me, to each other… why can’t there be a balance? Why does the world tip to negativity instead of positivity? My mom sat quietly, listening to my mini rant; then simply said to me, “You’re the balance.” “Pardon?” I asked, thinking I heard her wrong. “If you stay a positive, happy person, then you will tip the scales towards positivity and help make the world a better place.”

It was some of the best advice I’d ever heard – my mom always gives the best advice. She left me to reflect on what she said, and I did; not only yesterday, but today as well. Which is why I am sitting here writing this letter. I keep thinking about times when I’ve wondered why people said what they said or did what they did. I’m trying to keep and open mind and remember that people lash out when they’re at their worst, and that I too can admit to times where I’ve gotten mad, but what was happening in the moment wasn’t the real problem in my life. That we as humans tend to lash out when we are in pain. When I look at the world through kinder eyes, I can see that what most of us need is a sympathetic ear, an encouraging word, or just a smile, but many of us don’t have that in our lives. So, what do we do?

Don’t focus on what others are saying or doing to you, but what you say and do to other people. It really is true that you can’t change other words and actions, but you can change yourself; how you act and react, and what you say. If we’re all hurting, who is going to be the one to break free from the crowd and spread happiness instead of misery? It’s up to each one of us to open our hearts and be gentle to one another. If we choose to let our personal feelings seep into our interactions with others, we hurt those around us. The people we hurt become sad and take their emotions out on others. It’s a never-ending cycle and my mom has inspired me to try to break that cycle. To be kind and set off a chain reaction of good energy. We’re in this together, so why can’t we make the journey easier to bear?

We all need to take a good look at ourselves, reflect on our actions and how we are influencing the world. Is it for the better? If not, what can we do as individuals to bring more positivity into our community? Can we say hi to a neighbour? Call an old friend? Smile at a stranger? It’s important for us to find little ways to spread love, even if we are jaded by what others have done to us, or to the world.

If we become the balance and let our light shine onto others, each person around us will be positively affected, and we will tip the scales in our favour... pass that light on to others, and the world will be a better place.


Krista Hannesen

Editor in Chief - A Beautiful Life Magazine

Producer, A Beautiful Life Podcast

Instagram: @kristahannesen

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