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Aromatherapy Reiki Meditation Circle

Join Kristine and Angel for a 4 week series of guided meditation and receiving distant reiki in the park! This meditation series will provide each individual the opportunity to connect with nature, receive reiki's positive energy, and center your mind, body and spirit with guided meditation. Kristine will incorporate essential oils for those that wish to participate in adding aromatherapy to your reiki meditation practice.

July 23rd, 2022 - Gratitude Theme - distant reiki & guided meditation focusing on gratitude. Discovery and mindful thinking into what are we grateful for. Finding gratitude in the forgotten places, in the unlikely spaces, and the simplest forms. Taking time during the guided meditation to remind ourselves to always find gratitude in every situation.

Gratitude Essential Oil blend to be used. July 30th - Joy Theme - distant reiki & guided meditation focusing on what brings us Joy. In this guided reiki meditation, we will remind ourselves about what brings our mind, body and spirit joy. Taking time to fill our hearts with joy while receiving reiki's life force energy. Joy Essential Oil Blend to be used. Aug 6th - Grounding Theme - distant reiki & guided meditation focusing on taking time to ground ones self daily, find center, and breathe. Grounding Essential Oil Blend to be used Northern Lights Black Spruce oil to be used. Aug 13th - Abundance Theme - distant reiki & guided meditation focusing on being open to abundance, accepting abundance, and knowing we all deserve an abundant life. Incorporating the previous weeks to create an abundanct meditation and energy healing experience. Abundance Essential Oil Blend to be used.


Q: Where will you be located?A: Sunnidale park at the pergola ( I don't know if that's the name) Q: What if it rains? A: Rain date or we will have office space Q: How much does it cost? A: $60 session per session Q: Who would benefit from this? A: Anyone looking to strengthen their mediation practices, anyone aligned with holistic healing, anyone looking to connect with likeminded people. Q: Can I claim this under insurance? A: Yes, a licensed practitioner will be hosting as well. Q: What if I don't know how to mediate? A: PERFECT! This is a great opportunity to strengthen and build your mindfulness muscles and learn to integrate mindfulness into everyday life. Q: Do I need to bring anything? A: Please bring a yoga mat or blanket, bug spray, water, and anything else that will make you the most comfortable during the experience.

To reserve your spot and to claim it on your benefits, please visit Mainstream Therapy

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