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Are You Ready To Open Up To The Unimaginable?

Come join in my 6 week meditation and intuition Development classes.

Next 6 week sessions start Tuesday November 30 th 7 pm.

On line Zoom or in person

Are you searching for healing and transformation from the stresses of everyday life! Are you seeking clarity and guidance! I will help you look within to discover your deep intuition and soul purpose!

If you’ve ever wondered how meditation can help you create a greater state of well being then this course is for you ! I will lead you to the space where the answers are waiting to be discovered! Join me today and let’s begin!

November 30th 7 pm. Online zoom or in person!

In my new program I will show how you can begin your healing and transformation within the steps I will be sharing in my classes! Be sure to click on the link for more information and to sign up for this transformational program! Email call 905 866 7424


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