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345 brothers & sisters... and counting.

On June 1, 2012, our family got on a plane and moved to Eswatini, Africa. We were caring for 5 children at the El Roi Baby home at that time and since my parents were the legal guardians of these children, I now had 5 little brothers and sisters!

Just 4 days later, we got a call about a baby boy that needed a safe home to be placed in and that’s when David joined our family. That was the first “baby pick up” I had the chance to be a part of.

Throughout that first year, I had the chance to go with my mom many times to pick up new babies that were being placed with us. With each new baby came a story, the reasoning why they were being placed with us, and that was the hardest part. Some were coming from horrific situations and others from mothers who were my age or younger that could not care for the child. I just couldn’t imagine being in that situation, but I knew these children were going to be loved beyond measure and cared for so well at Project Canaan.

I was in Grade 10 at the time, so I spent most of my time at school during the week but I loved hanging out with the babies on the weekends. They were so little and had the best smiles and cutest giggles. By the end of 2012, 22 children had joined our family. 10 years later, I now have 345 little brothers and sisters. Each time I’ve gone back to visit, I get to meet new babies and see how much the children have grown.

Watching their personalities change and grow is probably my favourite part. Esther, for example, was a hilarious toddler and the aunties would call her “Queen Esther,” because she was always “large and in-charge”. Over the years I had the chance to watch her grow, build friendships and develop her personal identity. She is now 10-years-old and is still running the show on campus. She does really well in school, loves golfing and is absolutely beautiful inside and out. I know that she will be a great leader one day because I see her leading already. She is always willing to help others, can take charge when needed, has creative ideas and is a great friend to her brothers and sisters.

I LOVE that I get the chance to see them grow up in a safe environment that facilitates personal growth and identity, despite the circumstances that they have come from. As they have grown, so have I, and I love that I now get to advocate for them through the work I do with Heart for Africa (Canada).

I can’t imagine my life without these children. I love each of them so much and will always support them and advocate for them for the rest of my days. Giving them every opportunity possible to be who they are destined to be is what drives me and pushes me to continue sharing about what we are doing in Eswatini – inviting new people into the story.

Would you like to join the story? You can me provide every opportunity possible to my 345 (and counting) brothers and sisters in Eswatini? Learn how you can support and become a Child Sponsor, by clicking the button.

Learn More about Heart for Africa (Canada), here.


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