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Storytelling and Emotional Connection: In an increasingly crowded digital landscape, storytelling remains a powerful tool for capturing attention and fostering emotional connections with audiences. Compelling narratives can evoke emotions, resonate with audiences, and drive action!


Co-Author opportunity for our Collaborative Anthology Book

Title & Topic:

Before Me

Your Journey to Healing from
Generational Trauma

Perfect for Memoir Reflection, Therapists, Life Coaches, Spiritual Coaches, Counselors, Reiki Practitioners, and Hypnosis Coaches

“70% of people say they’d rather learn about services & products through content rather than through traditional advertising.” - Harvard Business Review

Why Co-Authoring Our Book is a Great Idea!​

  • Share your Journey Story

  • It's a powerful way to talk about the healing work you do and what outcomes people can expect from working with you

  • A book is diversified marketing and positive brand awareness for your Business

  • Share your business mission statement

  • Your words will connect with readers on a level that goes beyond marketing, and sales pitches

  • Collaboration expands your reach and enables you to find new leads 

  • Confirms your authority in your field

  • More Reasons Why Co-Authoring Our Book is So Awesome

  • Sell them - additional cash flow

  • Gift them to VIP clients to strengthen your relationship

  • Add value or increase the price of your other services, courses, retreats, or products,  by making them as a 'gift with' offer

  • Gift them to attract subscribers to your newsletter and increase your sales opportunities

  • Create an entire retreat or class around them

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” –Anonymous

 Your Chapter in the Professionally Produced Collaborative Book - Print & Digital Versions

Each Co Author's Photo will be on the Back Cover

ART interior pages.png

Social Media Promotional Graphics -

for each Co-Author on Facebook etc

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Lifecon Pro online - Untitled Page (55).png

Bonus: Ad in our Guide to the Best Directory

Digital & Online - Value $150

Inspire Readers, Drive Awareness, Fuel Engagement, Propel Action

Before Me

Your Journey to Healing from Generational Trauma

  • Co-Author Package:  

  • Professionally produced Book - print and eBook (including copy editing, layout, and typeset) 6x9 perfect bind​

  • Your  Submission - Up to 3500 words and a 150-word bio & link is included​

  • Unlimited eBooks to Sell or Gift on Your Website - *you keep 100% of the sales from any eBook you sell​

  • 5 FREE Printed Books included for you to sell or give out to VIP clients *you keep 100% of the sales of these books you sell ​

  • Co-Author's Discount on any other physical books you would like to purchase for resale (optional)​

  • Editing for spelling, flow, and grammar​

  • Promotional graphics for pre-orders and a quote from your submission


Chapters due

Sept 20th 2024

Released date Oct / Nov 2024

Now Booking Co-Authors
Co-Author Opt In Fee
*Only 5 Spots Left

$295.00cad + Tax = $333.35cad

$333.35 CAD

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We bring co-authors together from all across North America to expand everyone's reach!

*A Beautiful Life Books is sister to our A Beautiful Life Magazine

5 /10 spots has been claimed







Dr Helen 




  • Please make the payment to confirm your participation, once payment is made you will be contacted by head office for next steps

  • Unfortunately, we can't hold spots without payment as we are in production

  • YOU hold the copyright to your chapter - We hold the copyright to the entire journal so that no one can alter the completed book in any way
  • We do our very best to meet release timelines, but because we are working with multiple co-authors and an outside printer release dates may be pushed back a bit - we keep you up to date throughout
  • There is a nominal fee to help with the shipping cost of your 5 printed journals
  • Each co-author keeps any revenue they generate and can't claim any other co-authors' sales - any sales done via our A Beautiful Life online store are used for ongoing promotion of the book and co-authors

  • Maximum 15 co-authors

  • Now is the perfect time to write!

  • More questions? or

  • *Please note: As the project is in production - refunds will not be issued once purchased.

What Clients Say

"I was a contributing author for one of Krista's books - it was a great experience and I highly recommend" - Alison Zeider
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Since 2018, we have produced over 30 anthologies

Below are some just of the anthologies that we have published

Hope, Healing & Guidance is what readers find in our books!

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