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With over 25 years of spiritual awareness, experience, and teachings

Healings start from within.

Nancy’s path to strength is truly one of the most difficult imaginable. After surviving her mother’s attempts to abort her, she was forced to endure an upbringing in an extremely addiction-riddled and abusive environment that subjected her to physical abuse from both parents. Quite understandably, she never felt loved, and with levels of emotional anguish as painful as the beatings that she took, she was threatening to commit suicide by age 11. As if the turmoil at home wasn’t enough, Nancy’s life would soon thereafter be plagued with even more misfortune.

A severe bicycle accident that almost took her life had doctors predicting her confinement to a wheelchair by age 30. Another accident drove one of her teeth through her jaw and would bring her over 20 years of pain. Her physical abuse at home culminated in her leaving the house at age 16 for a few weeks, only to come home and discover that her mother had abandoned her and left her homeless. Soon after that, she became pregnant.

Mercilessly, adversity would just not stop showing up. Nancy would go on to face more accidents, severe allergies, chronic hip pain, depression, and several bouts with cancer. Throughout her trials and tribulations, however, and despite not one day of freedom from pain until her 40s, Nancy never gave up. Instead, she learned to love herself and to keep looking for solutions until she found them. Finally, she discovered that when she changed how she looked at things, things began to change. She realized that her outer world reflected her inner world, and what she sought in others was actually what she needed to give back to herself. Having become highly educated in all aspects of wellness and wellbeing by now, her curiosity about this realization drove her to pursue explorations about the subconscious mind. Today, after finally transforming her life, from the inside out, to one of health, happiness, and prosperity, she uses her experience and wisdom to help others in the same manner. Working intuitively with clients, she consistently proves to them that all healings come from within and creates joyous and sustainable life changes for them as a result.

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