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What Happens When You Treat the Symptom & Not the Cause?

What you put into your body is so important.

Do you have symptoms that don't seem to go away and you don't know exactly why you have them? You're always sleepy, maybe you have digestive issues or constant headaches?

You've probably gone to the Dr for these issues and got prescribed some sort of pill to help with your fatigue or your headaches or your digestive issue. That pill might be helping you... for a little while at least. The problem is that the only treating the symptom of your problem, NOT the cause.

There is a REASON you have constant headaches. A reason for your digestive upset or your fatigue. But the problem is that pill you're taking is only easing that symptom and you could end up having many more issues and more serious issues in the long run because you're leaving the cause untreated. The medication is only a band-aid.

Treating the symptom instead of the cause

Now, it's not your fault or even the fault of your Dr. Your Dr. is only doing what they were taught to do. They see a problem, they treat the problem with whatever drug is meant to fix that particular issue.

Most doctors are not actually trained in food education unless they are a holistic doctor but you can ask your doctor if changing your diet would help treat the cause. If enough people ask about nutritional information eventually more and more doctors will see its importance.

What you put into your body is so important. Your gut health is related to your mental health. Negative changes in your gut microbiome can result in inflammation within the gut and effects your brain. This can result in symptoms that look like Parkinson's disease, autism, depression, and anxiety among others.

So the next time you go to the Dr for a problem, before you rely wholeheartedly on the medication, try taking a look at your diet and what you can do to eat a more whole foods, unprocessed diet. Though, I DO NOT suggest ignoring any Dr recommendations or ending ANY medications prescribed without speaking with your doctor.

The root cause of your symptoms could possibly be reversed by a change to your diet. A diet made specifically for you and your symptoms could make all the difference in your life!

Alyssa Martinez

Health & Life coach, Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor


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