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This Crazy Thing Called Life...

Reaching 50 was exciting! There was much to celebrate! I had reached half a century without any major ailments. My wish to become a grandmother by 50 came true. We had bought the house of our dreams in the countryside, with gleaming waters and rolling pastures. My husband and I were empty nesters, discovering ways to enjoy and celebrate life together, it was indeed exciting.

Reaching 55 was not so great! had my first major health breakdown! realization hit that I am a senior citizen with probably 10 to 15 years of great life left in me. Having many friends pass away between 50 and 55 did not help and recently the death of my close childhood friend left me devastated.

I often think about life and what it means to me and the people around me. Between birth and death, we have about 40 years of what I call a "great life." For me, this period is between 20 and 60 years. During this time, one must find a great partner, have kids, raise them to be good people, build a career, build wealth, buy that house, see the world, and build quality relationships... I can go on! Some of us decide to immigrate to another country and start all over again, deducting a few years from our progression. We have just 40 years to do all of this! People turn 60 and look back to realize that half the things they wanted to do were not done because, most often, they simply did not put in the necessary effort to do so. Now, one might say, "Who says we need to do all of this?" and this is fair. Everyone to his or her own in what they wish to do with this great thing called life!

As for me, why do I gather all my friends once a year and throw a big party? Because I want to appreciate everyone significant in my life. I want to say thank you for the friendship, I want to say I wish we will stay friends forever and I want my kids to know that there is nothing better than a beautiful friendship. Why do I travel? Because I want to experience every inch of this beautiful world that God has created from the skies above to the seas below, to the snow-capped mountains, to the endless deserts. I want to experience this beautiful vast world with interesting and diverse cultures and wonderful sights. I want to spread my wings and feel the sun and breathe in the sweet air and wonder about the day that God created this beautiful world.

I want to work hard to serve people. To make a difference in the lives of the people. Every day I wake up and I know one more person’s life will change forever because I am choosing to ensure I work hard to get these people the necessary visas to immigrate to Canada. I want to make a difference in the lives of people who are looking for a haven, a better career, or simply a place to call home. I also want to assist as many employers as possible through this labor crisis and ensure each company has the talented and dedicated workers they need to take their company into the next decade. But in his process of serving people, I want to work hard to be financially independent or in simple words “rich”.

To most people “rich” is a bad or shameful word. Everyone wants it, but no one wants to say it out loud. Being rich is not a sin nor is it shameful to want to be rich. Being a slave to your money or using your money for purposes that don’t benefit the world is a sin. Being poor serves no one- not you, not the world. I want to be big, to shine my light, so others can draw courage and happiness. Being small serves no one. I want to strive to be kind to everyone, even if it is not appreciated or even if it is misunderstood. I want no enemies, no anger, just love.

I want to enjoy my kids and my grandkids. I want them to know that I will love them beyond my grave and for as long as I have breath in me, I will always protect them.

People travel the earth looking for the purpose of life when sometimes all you got to do is close your eyes and take a moment. Sometimes our purpose is right before our eyes, and we do not see it. As for me - My purpose is to be alive, to serve, to shine my light, to help, to be kind, and to show by example that we can have differences, but we don’t need to kill each other. My purpose is to live in this big bold world and absorb all of its wonders. My purpose is to love myself and to love everyone around me to the best of my ability. My purpose is to know that when those pearly gates open that I can safely say “Lord you gave me life and I used it to the best that I could”.

I wish that you all find your purpose and that you all live your life to the fullest.


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