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Root cause is the only niche you need

Are you tired of trying to find your niche so that you can have a successful healing business?

When you know how to get to the core of your client’s issue, root cause is the only niche your need!

Learn more tomorrow in our free masterclass, Boost Your Healing Business with Root Cause Change Work.’ This masterclass will outline how to work at a deeper level with your clients and go beyond offering superficial suggestion work and coping mechanisms.

Read on for more info! ​​

⬇️ These approaches take the pressure and the overwhelm off of you to know the exact solution and give you the tools that you need to confidently work with any issue or belief system of your client.

We will provide the approaches to work in both the psychological/mind model and the spiritual/soul model and show you what has worked for us to create a full-time roster of clients for over a decade.

We are on a mission to unite coaches, healers, & practitioners in coming together in support of healing the inner child and wounded soul.

We know that as space holders, you experience empathy, overwhelm, and are highly sensitive personalities which make traversing your own inner landscape a priority in order to help others heal.

What is unique about our 2 approaches to root cause transformation is that they are designed to support both the practitioner and the client through each step of the process.

🔥Grab this chance to enhance your skills, and confidence, so that you can help your clients achieve long-lasting positive changes.

Be a part of the healing revolution!

Join our masterclass now to revive and enhance the way you work with your clients, think about niching, and have them lining up for root cause work regardless of their problem!

🎉BONUS: When you join this masterclass, you'll get free access to my ebook "Regression Hypnotherapy is Somatic Therapy" that'll deepen your understanding of the history of regression hypnotherapy and its healing power.

Here are all the details and links below for these amazing opportunities that you don’t want to miss!

Options to attend are 11 am and 7 pm MST on Tuesday (tomorrow) the 21st!

Imagine having an independent practice where people are lining up to experience your work because you can successfully guide them into shadow work, healing their inner child and soul, and gaining insight into themselves and their life.

This is possible, and we are here to show you how to create a fulfilling and successful healing business that makes a real difference in the world and for yourself.

Sign up for this free masterclass, boost your healing business with two proven approaches for effective root cause change work, and learn how to create a fulfilling and successful healing business that makes a real difference in the world and for yourself.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your practice to the next level!

Join us here! ​During this Masterclass, you will learn:

  • The power of the subconscious mind and how to access it through hypnotherapy

  • Two approaches to Regression Hypnotherapy: Inner Child Regression and Past Life Regression

  • What to do if your client is stuck or blocking going to the experience

  • How to work within two frameworks depending on the belief system of your client

  • Practical tips and techniques for applying Regression Hypnotherapy with clients to get to and resolve root cause

  • Ways to work in both the psychological/mind model and the spiritual/soul model depending on your client’s belief system and needs at the time

If you’re looking to learn practical techniques for helping your clients something their root cause, this masterclass is for you.

**To learn about Heather, and Sarah, and all about the workshop details, offers, and bonuses that you receive right upon sign-up, go to the Masterclass landing page here!

I hope you will reach out and take hold of these amazing offers now. If you’ve been looking to deepen your practice and skills, along with growing your business, this is your opportunity!

Until next time, take care of yourself as your business is personal! xo Heather Keys of Hypno Heather

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