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Powerful Morning Routine to Start your Day by Cathy Nesbitt

Ever thought that you didn't have time to do that thing that you really wanted to do? Especially that thing around taking care of yourself? I used to think self-love was selfish and I didn't have time for it. Now I know better!

I turned 60 last year. I am high energy, have no health issues, and take no prescription drugs. I live my life by prevention. It is important to take care of ourselves. We only have one body, and it is an incredible machine. But we abuse our bodies for decades before it breaks down and illness takes place. Self-care is now a big part of my daily routine. Increase Your Energy and Enhance Your Life My social media channel is flooded with positive healing summits. Did you know there is a summit for everything? Most are free with an option to pay to upgrade to a VIP ticket. As I watch so many, I usually catch what I can while it is available at no cost. I have a gift of being able to absorb information and then regurgitate it in a way that is comprehensible. Here are some of my favourite tools and techniques. Laughter Is the Best Medicine Since 2020, I have taken a deep dive into why laughter is the best medicine. Get your daily D.O.S.E. of happy hormones (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, endorphins) vs. cortisol and adrenaline when stressed. I also travel around the world by podcast and have had over 200 guest appearances. I ask every host, “Have you heard the expression: Laughter is the best medicine?” I have not met one person who has not heard this. It is a universal expression and it is scientifically proven. As a Laughter Yoga Teacher, I incorporate many other healing modalities including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) aka tapping, brain gym and deep breathing to help people get out of stress and into joy. From the aforementioned health summits, I glean information to share in my laughter club and other paid laughter wellness sessions.

Setting Up Your Day With Great Energy Setting up the day with a wonderful morning routine sets me up with great energy. Upon waking and before setting foot on the ground with eyes closed take three slow, deep breaths and think about something that makes you smile. Add a big grin to your face. Feel the love drugs already start to seep through your veins. Now think of three things you are grateful for. They can be big or small. They can be as simple as “I am so grateful that I woke up today,” or “I am so grateful that I am healthy today.” In this heightened state of awareness think about your day. Create a short movie in your mind about the day's activities. See it how you wish it to be. If we can see it, we can have it.

Stay Hydrated During the night our body regenerates as trillions of cells renew and bodily functions occur while we sleep. Drink a large glass of water just before bed to help keep the body hydrated and assist with all that nighttime rejuvenation. Another large glass first thing upon rising is akin to flushing the toilet and debris is taken out of the body. We are meant to drink lots of water. This practice assists us to achieve our daily requirements. Tapping on Meridians I was introduced to Eden Energy medicine in 2020. I started doing the Daily Energy Routine, five minutes of gentle movement and breathing including four thumps – tapping on meridians: Stomach, kidney, thymus and spleen.

  • Use two fingers to tap the various spots.

  • Tap vigorously on each set of spots for 20 seconds.

  • Take deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth while tapping.

Four Thump Spots on the Body Thump 1 – Stomach: Cheekbone under the eye in line with pupil Thump 2 - Kidney Meridian: Below your collarbone. Thump 3 - Thymus: The centre of the sternum at the thymus gland. Thump 4 - Spleen: Beneath the breasts in line with your nipples and down one rib.

In 1999 I became certified as a Therapeutic Touch practitioner (TT). This was when I first became aware of energy medicine. Everything is energy! EFT was part of the TT training. I am so grateful that EFT has become more mainstream and people are learning about this easy method for moving pain (aka energy) out of the body. There are a variety of ways to incorporate tapping for a healthy life. The four thumps I do daily to reset my nervous system, are a small example of the power of tapping. These points are the same ones used in acupuncture but without needles.

Qi Gong Qi Gong came into my life from one of my worm customers. I added Qi Gong with the tapping to my morning and evening routine. Meditation I will often do a short guided meditation in the morning. Meditation is a wonderful way to quiet the mind. In this more relaxed state, we can hear answers from within much easier. This is a practice. We are always on the move, always thinking. Meditation allows us a short pause for increased clarity. Laughter Buddy My Laughter Buddy calls me on the phone each morning. We do two minutes of belly laughing, one minute of deep diaphragmatic breathing then two more minutes of belly laughs. Deep breaths and tap on the forehead between eyebrows to tap in the joy. This anchors the joy into your body. You can recall this beautiful joy energy at any time: close your eyes, take a long, slow deep breath and gently tap on the spot between your eyebrows and smile as you remember.

Lymphatic Massage Did you know that we have three times the amount of lymphatic fluid as we do blood? Our heart pumps our blood, but we do not have a pump for our lymphatic system. Lymph only moves when we move. Each morning a lymphatic massage gets my lymphatic fluid flowing. Lymphatic massage can be as simple as rubbing and tapping on a few spots (lymph nodes) in the body to get lymph moving. Lymph carries toxins out of the body. It is an essential system for optimum health and wellness. Self-Care Equals Self-Love Starting my day with this short routine of beautiful activities has helped me become more resilient, calmer, and live a more joy-filled life. My evening routine includes positive thoughts, gentle stretches and gratitude about the day. This is followed by a short guided meditation. This puts me in a wonderful state to drift off to la la land where I can rejuvenate and get ready for the next day expecting miracles. Take time to care for yourself and watch your life transform as miracles and amazing happenstances occur.

We are a work in progress. Enjoy the ride.

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