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Flow Your GRIT: Exhale and Prevail

Are you ready to change your relationship with suffering on your yoga mat? Suffering may sound like these thoughts:

· What’s wrong with my body?

· When is this pose going to end?

· What’s the point of this pose?

· Why doesn’t my pose look like that person’s pose?

Suffering may feel like these actions:

· clenching your jaw

· holding your shoulders up near your ears

· grimacing with your whole face

· making fists instead of spreading out your fingers

If these experiences are a regular but unwanted part of your yoga practice, join Haze from Grow My GRIT for the opportunity to:

· explore what your yoga practice can teach you about your habits;

· discover how your GRIT can offer a new perspective to approach non-preferred poses with renewed passion and purpose;

· identify where else in your life you’re suffering so you can commit to move from your GRIT in response to challenging situations and relationships.

You’ll receive the GRIT Growth Guide in advance so you can identify the strengths and resources you reliably bring when it’s time to navigate obstacles. You’ll get the Flow Your GRIT Guide at the workshop. Our 90 minutes together will be a combination of movement, small-group discussions and individual reflections.

When? Friday, November 24th, (9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.)

Capacity? 10 people

Investment? $75 which includes a follow-up Huddle with Haze ($99 value) and a GRIT Workbook.

What to bring? Yoga mat and water bottle

Early Bird Discount: $60 before November 14th, 2023

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