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Design a Life you love!

Life is WAY TOO LONG to live in a way that you don’t entirely love! To the people pleasers, high achievers and way too busy moms looking after everyone but themselves!

How would life be different in 6 months or a year if you took action today? If you learned how to prioritize yourself, and set solid boundaries with yourself and your loved ones? Reducing stress along the way, not feeling guilty anymore when you take care of your own needs!

If you’re feeling this, I would love to invite you to my upcoming group coaching program! This is a fantastic opportunity to learn & grow alongside other amazing humans, who also want to live life on their terms. Forging your own path isn’t always easy, but it is so freeing! Having a support community when you go against the grain is essential!

Having a mentor / coach to guide you along your journey, so you can move forward much more quickly is even better.

That’s why I am so excited to invite you to join my upcoming group coaching program!

Are you feeling the pull in your heart? The feeling that says: “YEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!”?

(That also may feel a little scary, but mostly excited? I call this feeling “scare-cited” and it’s the best! A little outside your comfort zone, but you just know it’s something you need to do. If you don’t, you know you’ll regret not taking that leap

Just send me an email with “yes please!” and we will work out the details & get you signed up! I am so excited to support you on this journey!!

You’re intrigued, and would like to have a quick chat about it? No problem, I created space to have extra conversations this week.

Are you ready to start creating the life you actually want to live, or are you happy to keep bobbing along, enjoying few parts of life, but mostly doing things you don't love?

You deserve to live your best life. I know it.

What would life be like in one year if you take action today? What would it look like if you don't take action today?

Jani is a certified ICF & Martha Beck Life Coach

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