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Pre pandemic, our A Beautiful Life Magazine was in Print form. We distributed the magazine at live Women's Events, sold it on our website, independent Bookstores and at key pick up points. We were even in talks with a major magazine distribution company for distribution to retail outlets. However, due to supply chain issues and glossy paper shortages during the pandemic, we had to suspend the print issue and go 'online only' - At the start of this year we spoke with our printer to get a 'lay of the land' and we are now confident that we can consistently be back in print!!

The print magazine covers a wide range of topics - lifestyle, home and garden, entertainment, eco fashion and beauty - while staying true to our commitment to connect women with the mind, body & spirit Experts that can help them on their wellness journey.

Which brings us to our Co Columnist opportunity - Content marketing is huge and just continues to get stronger - A core group of professionals that regularly speaks on mental, physical and spiritual wellness services, products, retreats and classes, gives them a direct link to motivated, targeted buyers and our readers a familiar name to get to know.

A traditional Full page AD in a print magazine can run upwards of $1200 PER issue - BUT - by bringing together a collaborative group of Co Columnists, we can offer the opportunity at a fraction of the cost, thus, creating a win-win for both the Readers and the Expert -  Join us!

Co Columnist Opportunity -  Print Magazine

“70% of people say they’d rather learn about services & products through content rather than through traditional advertising.” - Harvard Business Review


A Beautiful Life Magazine

Collaborative PRINT Magazine's Co Columnist Opportunity.


Similar to our Anthologies, the Co Columnist opportunity works on the same premise - Bringing together a core group of Experts that share their business, services, offers, products, retreats, workshops, classes etc in a positive and powerful space. 

The difference is that rather than a Chapter in one Print Book and eBook - it's a Column in 6 printed  & digital Issues over the course of a year - enabling you to curate your articles to the seasons, new services or products you want to promote, or retreats or classes you want to fill

8 x 11, Full colour, glossy, coffee table magazine

  • High impact, Credibility 

  • Consistent Market Presence 

  • Diversified Media Exposure 


- Print and Digital will be available on our website

- Available at various Women's Events throughout the year as well as our events - example: July '23 celebration bash & our spring 2024 LifeCon Conference

- *Currently in discussion with a Magazine Distribution Service for distribution at Major (Physical) Bookstores (Indigo, Barnes & Noble) & Independent Bookstores

In Your Column you can promote:

  • Your Services, Modalities and Treatments

  • What people can expect when working with you

  • Your Products and Books

  • Your Retreats

  • Your Classes / Workshops

mockup-of-a-magazine-with-a-customizable-spine-3376-el1 (5).png

Co Columnist Package:

  • Column Space in 6 Print and Digital (Downloadable PDF) : July / August '23 - Sept / Oct '23 -
    Nov / Dec '23 - Jan / Feb '24 - March / April '24 -  
    May / June '24

  • Year Promotion of you as a Columnist in the Print Issue ( The print issue is promoted independently )

  • 500 to 1000 words - you can add a photo (s) of your business, retreat centre, products

  • Your photo, title, business name, website, email will accompany your article in each issue

  • A copy of each Issue will be mailed to you

We distribute and sell the magazine - however, if you refer the magazine to someone, you can give them a code for our online store and receive a commission on any sale (This is optional).


July/Aug 2023

mockup-of-a-magazine-with-a-customizable-spine-3376-el1 (2).png

Sept/Oct 2023

Nov/Dec 2023

mockup-of-a-magazine-with-a-customizable-spine-3376-el1 (3).png

Jan/Feb 2024

mockup-of-a-magazine-with-a-customizable-spine-3376-el1 (4).png

March/Apr 2024

mockup-of-a-magazine-with-a-customizable-spine-3376-el1 (5).png

May/June 2024

Past Interior Layout Examples

A Beautiful Life Magazine July_August 2021 - Untitled Page (3).png

Now Booking Co Columnists
Co Columnists Op In
 - 1 year / 6 Issues

This opportunity is open to 12 Co Columnists
We have 8 spots left

$350cad + tax

*We bring Co Authors together from

all across North America!

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

*Due to the heavy graphic nature of a magazine the production time is longer so your first article is due By May 15th for the July / August Issue

  • Please make the payment to confirm your participation, once payment is made you will be contacted by head office for next steps

  • Unfortunately we can't hold spots without payment as we are in production

  • YOU hold the copyright to your Article - We hold the copyright to the entire magazine so that no one can alter the completed magazine in any way
  • Maximum 15 Co Columnists

  • More Questions? or

  • *Please note: As the project is in production - refunds will not be issued once purchased.

Co Columnists - 4 of 12 spots have been taken


Stacey Walcott


Dr. Helen Ziral


Moira Hutchison

A Beautiful Life Picture.jpg

Revekka Kakoullis

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