'The Written Word is The Strongest Source of  Power in the entire Universe' - Gary Halbert

A Beautiful Life Writers Collective

Positive, Authentic  sharing of your Journey or Expertise to help others live their best life!

Join our A Beautiful Life Writers Collective.

We are Holistic Healers, Wellness Practitioners & Self Help Professionals collaborating together to bring Hope, Healing & Guidance through the written word.  Together we can help others navigate this powerful new decade.

5 Reasons to join us today

1. Writing is a release of your emotions, feelings, experiences and expertise

2. Sharing your writing in our publications helps others live their best life - giving your soul satisfaction - our audience of readers just keeps growing

3. Your Articles or Chapters in our publications raises your profile, creates Brand awareness and drives sales for your Business

4. You can sell the soft cover Books & eBooks you have chapters in to generate even more income for you!

5. Connect with other Writers and Professionals from all over Canada, The US and ...the world

Become part of something bigger that is a force for good

  • Raise your profile with your own Column in our Magazine & special Editions

  • Any Books / eBooks you have a chapter in you can SELL and add an addition revenue streams!- eBooks 100% profit / soft cover books 40% profit ( soft cover books can be purchased for resale at Author cost)

  • OR use as an add on with any of your other products and services

Promoting Yourself, Sharing your Journey, has never been so creative, fulfilling & effective!


Collaborative Monthly Magazine


Special Editions


 Books & e Books

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100,000 + Rea​ds & Growing
Heading into our 3rd year!

The production, distribution and promotion of our Publications are member supported, not ad supported, that is why we are so content rich!! - We are packed with articles and stories about mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

We also produce Special Editions to razor focus topics

Special Edition come out 6 times per year!

Sample of what your Column will look like in our Magazine

Throughout 2020 we will  be producing multiple Collaborative eBooks which you will be able to submit Chapters in!

AND you will be able to give away or SELL the final eBooks on your own website!

Podcast streaming on major global platforms

4000 + listeners & Growing

Target Market of our Readers

  • 35 - 65

  • 75% Female / 25% Male

  • All Nationalities

  • Interest in Healthy Living, Holistic Healing, Spirituality, Fitness, Nutrition, Mental Health

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an Issue


1 Year membership in the Collective Includes

Option to write in your choice of ANY of our Publications produced throughout the year 

  • Column Space, 12 Issues - Regular Monthly Magazine

  • Column Space, 6 Special Editions

  • Chapters, 6 - 12  Collaborative eBooks / Books


  • PDF copies of any Book you submit a chapter in to SELL or give away (recoup your investment and create an additional revenue stream 100% profit)

  • *Co Author's Discount on PRINT copies to SELL or give away 40% profit on any books you sell (optional)

Writing workshops, webinars, tutorials

  • Access to all On demand Writing Videos



  • Member page with your website links

  • Social Media Magazine / Book Promotion

  • Member Shout Out on Social Media


  • Online Networking with fellow Collective Members

  • Member Online Forums

  • Live* / Streamed Conferences - *Once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted

Marketing in 2020 and into the next decade is about engagement, social impact & authentically influencing others to purchase from you - Our Collective gives you the platform that does all the above!

Join Our ABL Writers Collective 

1 Year Membership

Special $275 + Tax

reg $375

Join Today

Save $100 off our membership price

Expires August 31st


  • * You must be a member of our Collective to write in any of our Magazines and Books

  • Once payment is made you will be contacted by head office - Welcome to our Writers Collective!

  • There are no refunds on memberships once purchased

Questions? ronnie@atfacevalue.ca

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