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A Beautiful Life Magazine Special Edition
Wellness Inc.
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Education Feature Section

Wellness Industry Stats

  • GWI predicts that the wellness economy will return to its robust growth. We project 9.9% average annual growth, with the wellness economy reaching nearly $7.0 trillion in 2025.

  • The number of Life Coaches went up 33% since 2019

  • Zippia projects approximately 62,000 new holistic health careers from 2018 to 2028

  • Studies published by Expert Market Research show that the value of the worldwide soap industry is currently $18 billion, with a surge to $24 billion

  • The Canadian personal care and beauty industry amounts to $10.99 billion in revenue

  • *The wellness industry will grow even more rapidly now due to the current economic challenges- wellness services & product creation (ie soaps) are easy to work part time and in the home - which makes it 'a go' to industry for additional or main income streams

Online Learning

Education Feature Section

Wellness Inc is the only Trade Magazine specifically created for the ALL Wellness industry professionals and those who wish to become Wellness Professionals

- from Reiki practitioners, to Counsellors, to Spa & Salon owners, to Nutritionists, to NLP practitioners, to Naturopaths to Spiritual Coaches and beyond- to help them grow their business & to grow as business owners!

PRINT & Digital Versions

Cover ideas - Untitled Page (10).png

This special edition was created to inspire, motivate, educate and connect Wellness Professionals  & those who wish to be Wellness Professionals with Training that can help them uplevel their skills & increase their earning potential - with the ever-changing business landscape - this special edition is so needed today! 


Our target Readers

  • Mind Body Spirit Practitioners

  • ​Life Coaches & Counsellors

  • Product creators - soaps, candles, skincare

  • Wellness Entrepreneurs (products & services)

  • Salons, Spas and Clinics

  • Retreat & Event Coordinators

  • Holistic Healers

  • Spiritual Healers

  • & Those who wish to enter the Mind Body Spirit Industry

Featured Sections:

  • Education & Training

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Legal & Insurance

  • Success Stories

  • AI and new technology

  • New Services, Products and Equipment

  • More

Cover ideas - Untitled Page (10).png

Wellness Inc will be promoted all of 2024 creating ongoing promotion and lead generation  for the upcoming year!


  • Business to Business

  • PRINT and Digital Formats (downloadable PDF)

  • Key distribution: Canada

  • Digital expanded distribution: USA & Global

  • Anticipated readership
    1000 print, 30,000+ digital readers

Why Magazine Advertising?

  • Breaks through all the noise and create a space for undivided attention

  • A magazine Ad gets your message in front of a self-selected, highly engaged consumer

  • Targeted, undivided attention for the reader

  • Increase brand awareness and purchase intent

  • Diversified marketing

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*Special ends Nov 30th
Magazine release date Dec 15th

includes both PRINT & Digital Versions

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