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A Beautiful Life Magazine Special Edition
Wellness Inc. The Business of Mind, Body, Spirit
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Wellness Industry Stats

  • GWI predicts that the wellness economy will return to its robust growth. We project 9.9% average annual growth, with the wellness economy reaching nearly $7.0 trillion in 2025.

  • The number of Life Coaches went up 33% since 2019

  • Zippia projects approximately 62,000 new holistic health careers from 2018 to 2028

  • Studies published by Expert Market Research show that the value of the worldwide soap industry is currently $18 billion, with a surge to $24 billion

  • The Canadian personal care and beauty industry amounts to $10.99 billion in revenue

PRINT & Digital Versions

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Our magazine was created to inspire, motivate, educate and connect the Wellness community with the Businesses that can help them grow and expand - with the ever changing business landscape - this special edition is so needed today!

- The business of mind, body, spirit


Our target Readers

  • Coaches & Counsellors

  • Product creators - soaps, candles, skincare

  • Wellness Entrepreneurs (products & services)

  • Salons, Spas and Clinics

  • Retreat & Event Coordinators

  • Holistic Healers

  • Spiritual Healers

  • Mind Body Spirit Practitioners

Featured Sections:

  • Education & Training

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Legal & Insurance

  • Success Stories

  • AI and new technology

  • New Services, Products and Equipment

  • More

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  • Business to Business

  • PRINT and Digital Formats ( Flip Book and downloadable PDF)

  • Key distribution: Canada 

  • Digital expanded distribution: USA / Global

  • Anticipated readership 1000 print, 20,000+ digital readers

Why Magazine Advertising?

  • A magazine Ad gets your message in front of a self-selected, highly engaged consumer

  • Targeted, undivided attention for the reader

  • Increase brand awareness and purchase intent

  • Diversified marketing

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Full Page

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1/2 Page

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1/4 Page

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$99 + tax = $111.87

(reg $250.00)

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