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'In the 21st century, collaboration is the new success formula – you can achieve more, much faster and more efficiently, when you share your resources'. - Referral Rocks

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Co Author opportunity for our Collaborative Anthology Book


Energy - Frequency - Vibration

The Art of Healing Vol #2

The topic of this Book garnered such interest that our Volume #1 has hit 2x  platinum bestseller status - we thought to do a Volume #2 to introduce more Experts and Modalities to help heal the world!

Perfect for Energy Healers, Spiritual Coaches, Quantum Healers, Holistic Healers

Why Co Authoring our Anthology is a great idea:

  • It's a powerful way to talk about the healing work you do and what outcomes people can expect from working with you

  • A Book is diversified marketing and positive brand awareness for your Business

  • Share your journey story and your business mission statement

  • Your words will connect with readers on a level that goes beyond marketing, and sales pitches

  • Collaboration expands your reach and enables you to find new leads 

  • Confirms your authority in your field

Also why Books are so awesome!

  • Sell them - additional cash flow

  • Gift them to VIP clients to strengthen your relationship

  • Add value or increase the price of your other services, courses, retreats or products,  by making them as a 'gift with' offer

  • Gift them to attract subscribers to your newsletter and increase your sales opportunities

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“70% of people say they’d rather learn about services & products through content rather than through traditional advertising.” - Harvard Business Review

Energy - Frequency - Vibration

The Art of Healing Vol #2

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Co Author Package:  

  • Professionally produced Anthology Print and eBook (including copy editing, layout and typeset)

  • Your Chapter - Up to 4500 words Your photo and 50 Word Bio is included in your Chapter 

  • Unlimited eBooks for you to sell or gift on your website - *you keep 100% of the sales from any eBooks you sell

  • 5 Free Printed Soft Cover Books included for you to sell or give out to VIP Clients *you keep 100% of these sales of the Soft Cover books you sell

  • Author's discount on any other Soft Cover Books you would like to purchase for resale (optional)

  • Editing for flow, spelling and grammar included

  • Promotional Graphics for pre orders and A Quote from your Chapter

 Your Chapter in the Professionally Produced Collaborative Book -

Print & Digital Versions

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ART interior pages.png

Each Co Author's Name will be on the Front Cover

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Each Co Author's photo will be on the back cover

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Book Trailer

Social Media Promotional Graphics -

for each Co Author: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn
(Examples from our past anthologies)

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Each Co Author gets a 1/4 page Ad in our Digital / Downloadable Guide to the Best visual and interactive directory for 1 year!

Ad links to your website and since it's launch in January we have had nearly 7000 visitors/downloads to date!!

($150 value)

Inspire Readers, Drive Awareness, Fuel Engagement, Propel Action

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This title is now full
Please check out our newest title:
Find the Fire Within

Chapters Due - June 30th 2023

We bring Co Authors together from

all across North America!

  • Please make the payment to confirm your participation, once payment is made you will be contacted by head office for next steps

  • Unfortunately we can't hold spots without payment as we are in production

  • YOU hold the copyright to your Chapter - We hold the copyright to the entire book so that no one can alter the completed book in any way
  • We do our very best to meet release timelines, but because we are working with multiple coauthors and an outside printer release dates may be pushed back a bit - we keep you up to date throughout
  • There is a nominal fee to help with the shipping cost of your 5 printing books
  • Maximum 15 Co Authors

  • Now is the perfect time to write!

  • More Questions? or

  • *Please note: As the project is in production - refunds will not be issued once purchased.

Co Authors

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Jaleen Rebecca


Sabrina Khamisa

unnamed (1).jpg

Andreea De Saint


Heidi Marquez


Coventina Waterhawk


Moira Hutchison

Grace Lindsay-Akashic pic-horiz. view.jpg

Grace Lindsay

Testimonials from past Co Authors of our Anthologies

"It was exciting to hear Ronnie’s vision and the promises she made to us. I believe she kept those promises and more". – Tammy Adams

"I've received great reviews about all of the authors... From the people who have purchased this beautiful book from me. So grateful for the opportunity" - Joan Marshall

"These ladies are great to work with!" - Heather Lynne O'Reilly


"All my print copies are sold. <3" - Rose-Anne Partridge

"Wow, I am so impressed with how efficient you and your team are at keeping to the tight schedule you set for the book! The book looks wonderful. Thank-you for giving us the opportunity to have a go through to check for any issues."

- Mary Beth Bezzina


"I so love contributing!! Doing so helps my own growth as I hope it does for others." - Helen Ziral


"Thanks it has been a great experience" - Kathie Callan


"Thanks Krista Hannesen and team for your work on this anthology. I firmly believe this book will help many broken vessels heal. Let's face it, we live in a broken world, where broken families and broken relationships have become the norm. It's high time for healing" – Gennike Mayers

"I had so much fun doing this piece and the video. My Soul and I had fun ... I am alive and I love what I do!!! Thank you Ladies for the opportunity" – Dianne Ojar

"Was so happy to contribute to this needed book right now!" – Judy K Martene

"So honoured to contribute to this book and share on a topic I feel is so needed right now!" – Nicki Brown

"Woohoo. I am an author in a Best Seller!" – Grace Barkwell

"This is a way to share more love and light around the world - This is fantastic - It makes a great Christmas gift and stocking stuffer" – Melissa Downard

"Feeling blessed to be a be part of this well timed book Ronnie - Love being a part of this book" – Lynda Dyer

"I am so excited to be part of this amazing collaboration!" – Tara Myshrall

Other Anthologies We Have Published

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Coming Soon

Coming Soon

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Mockup of find your way back to happines

About the Mother / Daughter Team behind A Beautiful Life

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Ronnie Swais 

  • Seneca College - Retail Management Diploma

  • Life & Business Coach

  • Publisher Multiple 'To Consumer' Books and Magazines

  • Co Authored 4 'to Consumer' Books

  • Authored 4 Business Books

  • Owner At Face Value Media

  • Co Founder / Publisher A Beautiful Life Magazine

  • Co Founder / Publisher A Beautiful Life Books

  • Produced & Hosted multiple 'to consumer' and 'business to business' Conferences, Summits, Trainings

content (11).jpg

Krista Hannesen

  • BA English Literature - York University

  • Life & Business Coach

  • Editor in Chief A Beautiful Life Magazine

  • Editor - Multiple 'To Consumer' Books and Magazines

  • Authored 6 Books

  • Co Owner At Face Value Media

  • Produced & Hosted multiple 'to consumer' and 'business to business' Conferences, Summits, Trainings

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