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'In the 21st century, collaboration is the new success formula – you can achieve more, much faster and more efficiently, when you share your resources'. - Referral Rocks

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Co Author opportunity for our Collaborative Anthology Book


Take Back Your Power

Stop People Pleasing and Learn to Put Yourself First

Perfect for Life Coaches and Spiritual Coaches, Mindset & Meditation Coaches, Energy Healers, Counsellors, Therapists & Hypnotherapists, Social Workers 

Why Co Authoring our Anthology is a great idea!

  • It's a powerful way to talk about the healing work you do and what outcomes people can expect from working with you

  • A Book is diversified marketing and positive brand awareness for your Business

  • Share your journey story and your business mission statement

  • Your words will connect with readers on a level that goes beyond marketing, and sales pitches

  • Collaboration expands your reach and enables you to find new leads 

  • Confirms your authority in your field

Also why Books are so awesome!

  • Sell them - additional cash flow

  • Gift them to VIP clients to strengthen your relationship

  • Add value or increase the price of your other services, courses, retreats or products,  by making them as a 'gift with' offer

  • Gift them to attract subscribers to your newsletter and increase your sales opportunities

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“70% of people say they’d rather learn about services & products through content rather than through traditional advertising.” - Harvard Business Review

Take Back Your Power

Stop People Pleasing and Learn to Put Yourself First

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Co Author Package:  

  • Professionally produced Anthology Print and eBook (including copy editing, layout and typeset)

  • Your Chapter - Up to 4500 words Your photo and 50 Word Bio is included in your Chapter 

  • Unlimited eBooks for you to sell or gift on your website - *you keep 100% of the sales from any eBooks you sell

  • 5 Free Printed Soft Cover Books included for you to sell or give out to VIP Clients *you keep 100% of the sales of these Soft Cover books you sell

  • Author's discount on any other Soft Cover Books you would like to purchase for resale (optional)

  • Editing for flow, spelling and grammar included

  • Promotional Graphics for pre orders and A Quote from your Chapter

 Your Chapter in the Professionally Produced Collaborative Book - Print & Digital Versions

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Each Co Author's Name will be on the Front Cover

Each Co Author's photo is included in their Chapter

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Each Co Author gets a 1/4 page Ad in our Online Guide to the Best with a link back to your website

($150 value)

Book Trailer Sample

Social Media Promotional Graphics -

for each Co Author: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn
(Examples from our past anthologies)

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Inspire Readers, Drive Awareness, Fuel Engagement, Propel Action

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Chapters Due - October 15th 2023

Now Booking Co Authors
Co Author Opt In

Special $295.
00cad + Tax = $333.35cad
reg $450. cad + tax

We bring Co Authors together from

all across North America to expand everyone's reach!

  • Please make the payment to confirm your participation, once payment is made you will be contacted by head office for next steps

  • Unfortunately we can't hold spots without payment as we are in production

  • YOU hold the copyright to your Chapter - We hold the copyright to the entire book so that no one can alter the completed book in any way
  • We do our very best to meet release timelines, but because we are working with multiple coauthors and an outside printer release dates may be pushed back a bit - we keep you up to date throughout
  • There is a nominal fee to help with the shipping cost of your 5 printing books
  • Maximum 15 Co Authors

  • Now is the perfect time to write!

  • More Questions? or

  • *Please note: As the project is in production - refunds will not be issued once purchased.

Co Authors - 9 / 10 spots have been claimed

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Linda Sylvester_zoomedin_189px x 189px.jpg

Linda Sylvester

Moira Mag.jpg

Moira Hutchison


Patricia Berendsen


Sylvia Parker


Bonita Kay Hodgson

Angel Hiles

Ron Brough

diane magazine.jpg

Diane Makarowski

2022-10 Own Your You Brand Session-6 (1).jpg

Deb Bilger

Ellie Curry

Testimonials from past Co Authors of our Anthologies

"I've received great reviews about all of the authors... From the people who have purchased this beautiful book from me. So grateful for the opportunity" - Joan Marshall

"These ladies are great to work with!" - Heather Lynne O'Reilly


"All my print copies are sold. <3" - Rose-Anne Partridge

"Wow, I am so impressed with how efficient you and your team are at keeping to the tight schedule you set for the book! The book looks wonderful. Thank-you for giving us the opportunity to have a go through to check for any issues."

- Mary Beth Bezzina


"I so love contributing!! Doing so helps my own growth as I hope it does for others." - Helen Ziral


"Thanks it has been a great experience" - Kathie Callan


"Thanks Krista Hannesen and team for your work on this anthology. I firmly believe this book will help many broken vessels heal. Let's face it, we live in a broken world, where broken families and broken relationships have become the norm. It's high time for healing" – Gennike Mayers

"I had so much fun doing this piece and the video. My Soul and I had fun ... I am alive and I love what I do!!! Thank you Ladies for the opportunity" – Dianne Ojar

"Was so happy to contribute to this needed book right now!" – Judy K Martene

"So honoured to contribute to this book and share on a topic I feel is so needed right now!" – Nicki Brown

"It was exciting to hear Ronnie’s vision and the promises she made to us. I believe she kept those promises and more". – Tammy Adams

"Woohoo. I am an author in a Best Seller!" – Grace Barkwell

"This is a way to share more love and light around the world - This is fantastic - It makes a great Christmas gift and stocking stuffer" – Melissa Downard

"Feeling blessed to be a be part of this well timed book Ronnie - Love being a part of this book" – Lynda Dyer

"I am so excited to be part of this amazing collaboration!" – Tara Myshrall

Other Anthologies We Have Published

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Coming Soon

Coming Soon

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Mockup of find your way back to happines

About the Mother / Daughter Team behind A Beautiful Life

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Ronnie Swais 

  • Seneca College - Retail Management Diploma

  • Life & Business Coach

  • Publisher Multiple 'To Consumer' Books and Magazines

  • Co Authored 4 'to Consumer' Books

  • Authored 4 Business Books

  • Owner At Face Value Media

  • Co Founder / Publisher A Beautiful Life Magazine

  • Co Founder / Publisher A Beautiful Life Books

  • Produced & Hosted multiple 'to consumer' and 'business to business' Conferences, Summits, Trainings

content (11).jpg

Krista Hannesen

  • BA English Literature - York University

  • Life & Business Coach

  • Editor in Chief A Beautiful Life Magazine

  • Editor - Multiple 'To Consumer' Books and Magazines

  • Authored 6 Books

  • Co Owner At Face Value Media

  • Produced & Hosted multiple 'to consumer' and 'business to business' Conferences, Summits, Trainings

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