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Meet our Fabulous Speakers -

Available for Live & Online Events or Conferences, Podcast or Radio interviews & TV appearances

Moira Mag.jpg

Moira Hutchison

My speaking topics are:

  • Intuitively Guided Mindset

  • What Intuition is and How to Develop it

  • Stress Management Through Mindfulness

  • Life Purpose & Self-Empowerment

  • Getting Unstuck & Accepting Change


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Joanne Shank

My speaking topics are:

  • Navigating Challenges with Confidence.

  • Crafting a Life of Joy and Purpose.

  • Cultivating Self-Love and Self-Care into our Everyday Lives.

  • Fostering Self-Compassion for Growth and Learning.

  • Moving from a Learned Reactor Mindset to a MIndful Architect Mindset.

  •  Moving from Subdued Defeatism toward Transformative Resilience when facing challenges. 


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