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ABL Self Publishing Division

We have been publishing Books since  2018 - We specialize in working with Mental, Physical and Spiritual Professionals

February Book Production Special for
Self Publishing Authors
- includes Free 50 printed books &
a PR / Marketing starter package!

Book Production -We Specialize in Mind, Body, Spirit Books

Wellness Professionals and Books are a match made in heaven!
Each Wellness Professional & Practitioner has a book in them and can very quickly create a manuscript

Just include......

- Your journey story

- Your training, certification, degrees

- Your services, modalities, and products

- Professional tips and advice

- Blogs, Articles, Chapters you have written throughout the year

- Social media posts made throughout the year

- Description of what people can expect when working with you

- Testimonials

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” - Anonymous

We LOVE books as a marketing tool - they create an undisrupted space where people can learn about you, your products & your services  - it's also the only marketing medium that not only attracts sales via its content but is in itself a saleable product (printed book and eBook)

mockup-of-a-paperback-book-standing-over-another-one-3440-el1 (36).png
ipad-pro-mockup-in-portrait-position-23622 (39).png

Cover and Title customizable to what you wish

Now is the perfect time to write - you can combine your content, accomplishments, and reflections in a professionally produced Book - An absolutely brilliant concept that helps clients learn about you and your business - and it.....

  • Creates an additional revenue stream - sell the soft cover book and eBook

  • Creates a high impact Marketing tool - attract new clients with its contents, gift them, or add them to another service to increase its price

  • Celebrates your accomplishments, successes, testimonials, training completions, and growth

Self publish a book with us and make your business stand out.
Not only do you attract sales by its content (talking about your services & products) - You also make money by selling the book & eBook!

mockup-of-a-paperback-book-standing-over-another-one-3440-el1 (36).png
ipad-pro-mockup-in-portrait-position-23622 (39).png

What's included in your Book production package

  • Email coaching, direction & flow

  • Customized Cover Shot 

  • ISBN registration (*Canada is included - The is an additional cost for US registration)

  • Typeset & layout (Black and white interior -  can include B/W Images)

  • Spell check / flow

  • Draft / 2 revisions

  • Final PDF eBook (Kindle compatible)

  • ******50 free Printed Books - 6x9, black and white interior, color glossy cover


BONUS PR / Marketing Starter Package ($1,150.00 value)

  • Full page Ad in our A Beautiful Life Print Magazine ($650.00 value)

  • Mock up of the Book & eBook

  • Pre Order Graphic - *You get your pre order graphic right away to begin generating revenue and build excitement for your book

  • Quote Graphic for promotion

  • Interview on our A Beautiful Life Podcast


(reg. $3500.00)

*Special ends Feb 29th

  • We have split the production fee in to 3 manageable payments 

  • Once your have made your first payment you will be contacted by head office with go forward steps

  • Work at you own pace, but you can start pre orders right way to generate revenue

  • As the book is copyrighted to YOU - you can put the book up on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc as well as your own site

  • Final payment must be made before the release of the final draft as we start pre press & go to print


$250cad + tax

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
  • Due now to open project     

  • **Mock up of the book & Pre Order Graphics so you can start generating sales right away!

second payment 

$800cad + tax

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
  • Due in 30 days 

Final payment 

$800cad + tax

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
  • Due before the release of the final draft, ebook & we go to print

Other payment options:
Venmo - contact to arrange

Please make the deposit payment to begin your journey with us

  • You will be contacted by Ronnie to discuss your cover 

  • Your cover will be created right away along with your pre order graphic

  • Submit your content via the body of an email, word document, or google doc

  • There are no refunds once the project has begun

NOTE: What's NOT included in your Book production package

  • Editing - copy or deep dive editing is a separate charge - please contact us for a quote

  • Interior color for any pictures, graphs etc Color images are an additional cost

  • Delivery charge of the printed books

Some of the Books we have published

Gerard book mock up.png



"These ladies are great to work with!" - Heather Lynne O'Reilly


"All my print copies are sold. <3" - Rose-Anne Partridge

"Wow, I am so impressed with how efficient you and your team are at keeping to the tight schedule you set for the book! The book looks wonderful. 

- Mary Beth Bezzina


"Thanks it has been a great experience" - Kathie Callan

"It was exciting to hear Ronnie’s vision and the promises she made to us. I believe she kept those promises and more". – Tammy Adams

"Woohoo. I am an author in a Best Seller!" – Grace Barkwell

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