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Are you positioned for success? In your mind, in your body, in your spirit?

Positioning yourself for success is not just about mindset. It requires a holistic approach that begins from the bottom up. Positioning yourself for success within your organs, muscles, cells and tissues (body), releasing the self-limiting thoughts and beliefs (mind), and aligning yourself energetically (spirit) for success.

Linda Cooper is a Trauma-informed Counsellor, a Life Coach, Journaling Facilitator, and a yoga instructor specializing in restorative and somatic yoga. She is the Author of the upcoming book, The Somatic Success Factor: A Body Centered Approach to Success. With over 25 years of experience, she combines her knowledge and skills to provide a safe space for inner exploration as she assists you in aligning and empowering yourself for success.

She offers:


Trauma informed counseling to overcome the stress and traumas that have informed your life experience


Specializing in life transitions, empowering you through change to your new beginning

Somatic Practices

Learn to release the blocks to your success that reside in your body