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What Do We Want From Our Relationships?

There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love. - Bryant H. McGill

Prince/Princess Charming comes in many forms and each of us have of "type," but it seems that as a whole, women seem to want similar traits in our partners.

If we only has one answer, life would be less complicated but as it stands, we women want and deserve a lot. We conducted a survey of 100 women in York Region, Ontario and below are some of the answers we received along with the top 5 "wants" women said are important to them.

Post this list on your partner's forehead to give them an insight into what to focus on in a relationship!

1. Friendship

"I want my partner to be my best friend." - Sally, Stouffville

"For him to be my best friend and confidant would make my life great!" - Maria-Angela, Markham

2. Trust

"I must trust him implicitly and he must be able to trust me." - Joan, Unionville

"Without trust, we stand no chance." - Susan, Unionville

3. Romance

"I want my partner to remember that I am not only mother to his children but a woman with needs and I want to be treated with intimacy and desire, I want to be romanced well into my senior years." - Claire, Richmond Hill

4. Forgiveness

"We all make mistakes, we both will. For us to have a lasting relationship we must learn to forgive, of course there are exceptions but we must maintain kindness towards each other." - Rose, Thornhill

5. Communication

"If we stop talking to each other and need to have other around to prop up our relationship like children, in-laws, and friends, then we are doomed. We have always keep lines of communication open." - Rachel, Markham

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