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Deep Radical Self Love

Inspiring a deep radical self-love in women and engage them with a community of well-being enthusiasts where they can learn and practice thinking, moving, and breathing with purpose to achieve holistic harmony.

Evangeline Brouwer

Pilates Instructor, Founders Pilates Gals

Pilates GALS Origin

Pilates GALS was born from a set of values:

Growth + Adventure + Love + Strength

Life principles which are also embodied in the experience of Pilates mindful movements within a holistic wellness lifestyle. As a happy coincidence, Gals also means “more than one woman” which this community is all about! Specifically designed for women wellness enthusiasts, including those seeking a happier way of living.

I adopted the mindset that I am 100% responsible and accountable for all of my thoughts, words, emotions, beliefs, and actions. My shift in mindset was a game changer. It was a revelation. Yes, it was daunting. Yet I felt it was best to honestly face my responsibility with curiosity and compassion for myself.

Pilates is a life changer and when I combined my certification with life coaching it became an evolution in the art of holistic wellness. My life, work, and education has given me the tools to help women as I have taken ownership of helping myself.

Thus my purpose is to help guide women to first recognize and then transform the stress and challenges they face everyday. To see challenges as less daunting and overwhelming. To feel the joy and confidence as the unique and beautiful woman that THEY ARE. In doing so I hope to cause a chain reaction for those I touch to inspire holistic wellbeing within loved ones and their communities.

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