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Want to Drink More Water? Try These Easy Tips

Everyone could stand to drink more water, especially as the weather warms up. But it's not always so easy. Keep reading for our favorite tips on keeping hydrated!

  1. Get a cute water bottle - while you may be wondering why this is a step, getting a water bottle you like will inspire you to drink more. It's also good to get a water bottle so you want take it on-the-go!

  2. Add lemon. Adding lemon to your water is not only tasty and refreshing, but healthy. Lemon contains vitamin C which boosts your immune system and brightens skin, and is also known to be antibacterial.

  3. Start with one glass of water a day, and increase water intake by one glass per day until you start to feel fully hydrated.

  4. Take a lukewarm to cool bath. This will help your skin keep hydrated and soft.

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