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Vision Board Bootcamp 2022

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a collection or a collage of images and words representing and expressing a person's wishes, goals, desires and dreams in any and all areas of their life, with the intention to daily inspiration and or motivation them. We can all agree that Vision Boards a great, right... and many have heard of them and many have not.

Well, what I will say to you that you can take it one step further by taking them and planting them exactly where your want them to manifest them in your life's journey.

It is totally up to you do it. No one can do this for you.

In this very bootcamp you will learn how to do exactly that and more. You will learn how to make them S.M.A.R.T and make it more realistic for you and also it must be ecological to oneself and his/her surroundings. It is time to zone in and focus... It is time to wake up... It is magic time!!!

Join us: Register by contacting Dianne Ojar at directly.


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