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By Ronnie Swais

A few weeks ago I was cleaning out my Father’s garage. As I was throwing out some junk I noticed hidden behind some empty boxes was a plant. It must have been put in the garage at the end of last summer and forgotten. All winter, other stuff was placed around it; hiding it.

This plant was in bad shape. It’s roots were growing out the holes of the old planter box it was in and it hadn’t seen water all winter. I picked it up thinking about what I could do with it, when I noticed a tiny little bud at the end of one branch…….I couldn’t believe it…. this little plant had fought so hard to survive all winter. I was suddenly overcome with emotion, that moment seeing tiny bid bud hit my heart hard. This tiny plant showed me that no matter what challenges comes my way, I have to fight, be strong and not give up!

I replanted her in a larger pot, with fresh soil and some fertilizer and as you can see from the accompanying picture she has fully recovered, growing and showing off her new beautiful leaves.

I named her Faith.

Update: Faith today


Ronnie Swais

Producer / Publisher A Beautiful Life

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