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The Shift Is Happening

The Shift Is Happening Channeled Message

Dear ones, do not be so afraid. Your world is shifting. The imbalance, the chaos you are experiencing is for your greater good, that which you will experience in this lifetime. Assist your planet to re-align. Assist by understanding the truth of who you are and the role that you play in the collective.

It is time to return yourselves back to your very selves. It is time to live your lives with joy and purpose. It is time to come together and collaborate, using your gifts---what you have been offered, to assist the whole.

Allow yourselves the opportunity to come into new awareness. Open yourselves up and allow your consciousness to soar to new heights. Do not resist. Do not be angered and swept away into the vortex of fear. Breathe and bring yourselves back to your centre.

The clarity you are wanting will come when you do this. Trust you are coming into newfound energies that are aligning with your truth. Move into new directions. You will know yourselves more fully when you do this. The time is now to grasp your power and delight in your accomplishments thus far. Know you are only now beginning to experience the greatness that you are.

Lead your lives with hope and trust. We are here to support you when you do this. You are maneuvering into higher understandings, ascending, opening your hearts to the compassion and love that you are. Your world is cleansing and clearing dear ones. You must hold the intention of growth. You must remember to stay in your centre.

Do not be swept away with the lowering vibrations that are circling at this time. Do not succumb to fear as fear is disempowering you. Fear is holding you from experiencing the glory of who you really are.

You are the greatest creators on your planet. Be more mindful and create from your, heart-centred consciousness, with love and compassion for one another. This is the time where time has stopped for you to do this … to get back on track with who you really are.

You have this time to reflect, to take control of your lives and courageously step into what brings you joy and purpose.

We are calling all of you to remember how important, as you are a part of a greater magnificent whole. You are a part of the collective consciousness. What you think and what you believe impacts all.

You are light energy beings and as such contribute to the vibrational frequency of your planet.

We are here with you now. We want you to understand the importance of self-care. Your people have not been taking care of themselves.

Dear ones, you must know, you matter. You must understand the importance of taking proper care of yourselves. We wish you to know the importance of staying in your quiet. More time is needed for you to be with yourselves to adjust to the powerful energies flowing to you now. These downloads of higher vibrational frequencies are very intense and thus affecting you in many ways. To absorb fully, you must rest more and live your lives with less outer disturbances.

Do less and be more in your quiet.

Do not anger. Do not persist in your righteousness. Accept others and their views. You are all wonderful beings of light, doing the best you can with what you know in your awareness.

Understand you are being supported in illuminating your divine truth---the opening of your heart. This will foster greater insight and awareness that will lead you to higher levels of creations. You will come into greater, more enhanced thought forms and develop the confidence you need to step out of your comfort zones and into what you are truly longing to be. You will step into your purpose, that which will give you much joy and fulfillment.

Trust in the process of your development at this very important time in your history. And so it is.

Always with light and love ~Joanna~


Joanna Alexopoulos is an empathic intuitive, spiritual teacher, energy therapist, speaker, and open channel, acquiring wisdom and guidance from higher realms of consciousness.

Receiving messages her entire life, for many years she didn't understand it and was too afraid to embrace it until she finally harmassed that power and the got the big answers that we all want and need channeled into a book that everyone can use to make their life better.

Her love and compassion for humanity merges with that of the masters' and is deeply felt in her book.

Joanna makes her home with her family in Toronto, Canada, a large perennial garden, a Zen garden, and an extensive collection of nature and sky photography.

HOPE is Joanna's message. "We are infinite beings of love and light, the divine truth of All That Is ... the power by which all is possible."

Find out more about Joanna and her new book:

Website: a free discovery call and reclaim your power. Connect with who you really are and open to receive divine guidance from your own personal team of angels and guides.

YouTube: Subscribe to receive a complimentary 30 minute intuitive guidance and channeled session with Joanna.

Follow Joanna on FB and Instagram for lives and channeled messages.

Awaken To Your Truth: The Time Is Now is available worldwide through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indigo and Freisen Press Publishing.


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