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The Power Of The 10 Da Qualities

Let us first start off the day by putting our hands together and give thanks and gratitude for these very simple yet powerful 10 greatest phrases. I cannot emphasize enough how these words can help you shift and transform your health, wealth, physical and spiritual life's journey. The next few paragraphs may not possibly save your life at this very moment however I assure you that it is surely the beginning of something and over time you will have results. What you sow is what you will reap for if you put in the time and the work you will be rewarded and that I can guarantee.

Now did you know that there are two worlds and why it this important fact to know? Please do allow me to share and they are as follows; the Wu world (spiritual world where there is no space, clock or time) for your unconscious mind and Soul lives here and the You world (physical world where everything we do is measured, timed and it holds space), is where your conscious mind and body lives.

The ultimate goal is to get to the Kong (Kung) which is the moment when you enter total Emptiness or Nothingness and bliss even if it just for a split moment. It is called Sunya in Sanskrit and the Void in modern terms however, most people do not realize that this “nothing-ness” is really referring to the spiritual nature of the universe. As you travel on your spiritual path, you may encounter experiences of "pure being" with no sensations of the body, no thoughts or emotions, and yet completely present! The idea is to reach to the level of Kong which is the enlightenment state in our spiritual journey which basically means to leave this physical world and go home and not return period.

This is our ultimate journey and it is that simple.

So what do these phrases and words mean and how are they powerful?

The simple answer is that they are also mantras and they do have a melody to sing along to however if you do not know it then you can chant them by simply saying the words in a meditation practice or as we say whistle while you work. When you are lying down then you can silently chant the words in sync with your breath however it is suggested to not chant aloud for it will drain your energy for you are not physically grounded. Grounded means that your feet are planted on the ground and it is suggested to spread them apart and have your heels touching forming a "V" shape. If you are sitting down or standing, then the words can be said aloud or silently. I would suggest that you do both aloud then in silence and then aloud again (Yin and Yang) and you always close by putting your hands together in the prayer position which resonates with your beliefs and faith and say thank you, thank you, thank you.

Giving gratitude in key.

The 10 Da phrases and Soul Marketing were created by Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha a soul leader, an extraordinary healer and a divine servant. The phrases are used in normal daily practices in all areas of our lives and they are also part of the Soul Marketing practice however the scripted words used here to assist you in getting focused to help you in your business. When you use the script created for soul marketing they literally can transform your business and finances if you have the discipline and hunger for it. It requires very heavy financial karma cleansing, purification and very high positive virtue which has to be earned and you will be tested in ways that you never imagined was possible. I live it everyday. Did you know that approximately fifty percent of all your karma comes from your ancestors which is referred to as ancestral karma?

What is Soul Marketing? Soul Marketing is where you market to the souls of your current and potential clients and affiliates firstly, and then the success of your traditional physical marketing to your potential clients and affiliates and the success of your business will follow.

I will now share with you the Mandarin, English and the pronunciation of the phrases and I do encourage you give them a try even if you do not know the script, for the most important part of it is that you are open to the not knowing but to surrendering and trusting. Next time in a physical session I will teach you the power of tracing these beautiful transformative art calligraphies to complete the practice. TAO Calligraphy is oneness writing which instantly connects our soul with pure frequency and vibration from The Source (Divine, The Way, Higher Power)

Da Ai – Greatest Love – dah eye (Click on the link for a sample of the Da Ai calligraphy tracing)

Da Kuan Shu (Greatest Forgiveness) – dah kwahn shoo

Da Ci Bei (Greatest Compassion) – dah sz bay

Da Guang Ming (Greatest Light) – dah gwahng ming

Da Qian Bei (Greatest Humility) – dah chyen bay

Da He Xie (Greatest Harmony) – dah huh shyeh

Da Chang Sheng (Greatest Flourishing) – dah chahng shung

Da Gan En (Greatest Gratitude) – dah gahn un

Da Fu Wu (Greatest Service) - dah foo woo

Da Yuan Man (Greatest Enlightenment) – dah ywen mahn

I can guarantee you that you have done this practice before in a different way, do you agree? Yes, or No?

Here is why I say that you have for when you call on The Divine for help then you are doing it. Well it is a start for sure. When you ask for blessings you now have the opportunity to take it to the next level regardless of how much you have spent in traditional marketing and I am sure that you trust your team however a higher blessing certainly does not hurt. I know for me that it works and it can for you.

Simple reminder that blockages, roadblocks, dead ends are hiccups in your life and no one else's.

Okay so now that you have done this a few times, you may have questions and I am here to answer your questions by clicking here at or book a complimentary chat at

Ignite Your Business has a Online Business Manifestation Session which is 2 hours of powerful Soul Marketing Techniques just for you. What do you have to lose?

To the success of your business and finances! I wish you all the best!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


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