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The Must-Have App for Card Readings

I’ve always loved oracle decks of all kinds, and I enjoy the convenience of having digital apps at my fingertips on my cellphone. The readings have proven just as apt as any produced with physical cards. So, when my friend Nick Kellet began developing Deckible, I was excited to see where his imagination would take him. I’m an avid collector of oracle decks. I have more than 50 of my own. So, I was overjoyed to see that, through Deckible, users can compile a library from hundreds of decks available for purchase on the website from a variety of categories.

Even more exciting is the ability for creators to develop their own decks and sell them through the site.

Inspired by Nick’s passion and dedication to this project, I’ve created my deck, Shadow to Light, which is now available for purchase through Deckible. It’s been a fulfilling experience to create a deck of my own, and I look forward to bringing more to the Deckible marketplace! Along with the fun of designing decks, creators can also include their own custom spreads. The app is designed to be tactile in nature, allowing the user to shuffle the cards and slide them into place in the spreads.

Another delightful feature includes the ability to log insights derived from each spread, and save them for future reference in the app’s journal. The ability to journal on individual cards is an upcoming feature. The meditation feature moves the card into full-screen on your phone, so you can focus without distraction on the card as you explore its meaning.

Deckible is available for Apple and Android to Deckible account holders. Set up an account at Deckible, download the app, and purchase decks to get started. Subscribe to Deckible’s newsletter for daily deck deals over the next 42 days, and learn more about how you can enjoy this app as a reader and as a deck creator.

You can purchase my deck at this link. Enjoy the Deckible experience, and please let me know what you think of the app and the Shadow to Light deck.

What would you like to see in my next deck? What issues would you like me to address in future spreads? The possibilities are boundless!


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