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The Life Lesson We Did Not Want To Learn

Well, a year into the pandemic plus and we are all tired of the life we are currently living. It is true that we are resilient and have learned to cope, or at least exist with the mask wearing, social distance and other measures. But to be honest, having to be more alone than usual is a struggle. For those of us who are alone, it is even harder. That does not mean that we do not do it, but nothing is as meaningful right now like it used to be. This is a life lesson for me and one that I am sure many of us have learned the proverbial hard way. DO NOT TAKE LIFE FOR GRANTED.

Whoever thought that getting a haircut, your nails done or having dinner at a nice little restaurant would be something that we covet? December 2019 was a different time, we planned Christmas and New Year and there was shopping, parties and dinners. People got together never realizing that for the next year and probably more, this would not happen again the way it did now. I guarantee you that I did not foresee this, nor did I ever expect to be knee- deep in it a year and a bit later. This is not a complaint it is a revelation for myself and others to realize that what we take for granted can be gone in a minute.

The time that we have had to learn this lesson is enough for us to realize all that we have taken for granted and what we will do differently in the future. Perhaps it is not the life we knew but now the life we know that really matters. Taking one step at a time and digging deep to find the truth is the unexpected gift for us all to open and see what is inside. It will be different for us all, based on who we are and what we do. What we expect and how we live factor into the lesson and the gift will be suitable for us all. Open your gift when you are ready, determine what you need to do and what you want to do and then do it. Once we are on the other side of things, it will be important for us to not just race back into life as though we just got free from jail. We will need to ease back into our lives, making the most of our time and the most of our resources to get us to a balanced life.

We did not want to learn these lessons, of that I am sure. Everything in life happens for a reason, of that I am also sure. So I have decided this. I will take my own advice and not take the simple things that I think are a matter of right for granted. I will appreciate the special acts of personal grooming and care and know that this is also an area for me to be more grateful to be able to do freely. I will be supportive of the businesses that mean so much to me and know that loyalty is a two way street. I do this now, but it will be heightened once we can have the freedom to visit these places again.

Time heals everything and also helps to create possibilities. The possibilities are endless now to plan for the next phase of our time in 2021. Make time to understand what you will do and what you can live without. The things you feel passionate about should be on the top of your list. The rest will find their place as time and freedoms allow. Life lessons come in all forms and at all times, this one was 102 years in the making. It is one hell of a lesson.

Stay safe and be well.



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