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The Elephant Story

Who has heard of the Elephant’s story of the elephant never forgets? Is it a myth or is it fact? To many the story of the elephant never forgets is a myth however in reality, in my opinion, there is truth to this legend. Obviously as we know it is a metaphor and a very powerful one. Have you ever looked in the eye of an elephant even in a picture or in the movies and it is as if you were looking into their Soul? Do you not see, feel or sense that this enormous beautiful giant of an animal has a deep Soul and I do get the sense that it does not forget pain and hurt, do you?

Here are a few facts to go along with this perceived myth, and the question is Why are elephants famous for never forgetting? Research proven that the female elephants (called matriarchs) are most often the leaders of the herds and they are known to build up very strong memory over time which allows them to retain and remember friends and foes. They can also remember the places in the past where they have searched for necessities like food and water. Now my question to you is, does this sound familiar to you as a human being?

For several years and I mean quite a few years, I discovered a technique that was very powerful however I did not pay much attention to it at the time although I was helping many get through their pain, hurt and traumas. Yes, I said traumas for these were buried deep within their soul like when a leech is stuck to you and you cannot get it off you. Actually, I would say is more like an imprint and you have just growing within and you literally do not pay attention to it. However here is the difference with this imprint or attachment for it behaves differently for is it definitely alive and never dies. It literally can dictate your everyday life. It plays you like a puppet, it molds your story, your every thought, the words you speak, your actions and behaviours for example for there is more. What I am speaking about is the scaring and hurt which you endured as a child or even as far back as past lives. It travels with you from lifetime to lifetime for those who believe and for those who do not that is also fine, however do you ever from time stop and think or even possibly ponder for a moment as to why you sometimes cannot move forward in your business and or life?

Childhood trauma whether it is sexual, mental and even physical abuse should not be accepted at any age. The unfortunate part is that society has taught us as young beings to be quiet and not speak, know your place, what do you know for you are a child, this person is an adult and you are a child, are you looking for attention and even for example why are you saying these horrible things about this person? What is a child to do about this and what can they really do? Does any of these words resonate with you or someone you know?

Here are a few life stories of abuse and how they were buried it within:

“I had internalised it for decades, which made me get disillusioned and got me off-track completely when it came to life itself...all these years I had rejected life...I had closed my heart and soul as a way to protect myself, and also as a way of defying life.”

“The inflammation in my abdomen went down about 4 inches overnight due to childhood trauma for my yoga pants were nearly instantly falling off after the release of the Elephant in the room session by finally letting go.”

“All us siblings were attending school, my mum did not work outside the house and my dad had a small business. The business (shop) was ok but was making enough just for basic needs however my dad from time to time will have to borrow funds from our relatives for basic necessities. Regrettably, because of that situation our relatives would “bully” us and I held that oppressed thought for a very long time and this hindered my progress. After many years, the thoughts began to vanish and I was able to lead a normal life however this thought still lingered on in my mind and it did hinder my progress in life. There was always this feeling of superiority and inferiority at the back of my mind until I released it with an Elephant session.”

The Elephant is the Room is a unique signature private session whereby we dig deep down to the root cause of your blockages and address them once and for all. The teachings and discoveries you encounter are priceless and when you look back on your life it will make sense to you as to why you were “failing” as you label it however they were huge lessons buried below the surface. You face your demons as one will describe it and others will simply say possibly the pitfalls, obstacles, setbacks, challenges and the garbage along with the drama that comes along with it all. I am here to say that the metaphor of the elephant is real and it does exist in you and it is up to you to today before another day passes, be the hero to you and face it by conquering and releasing each and everyone of them one session at a time.

Your Soul will love you for it! The Peace You Seek is within You!

Take ACTION today for there is only today!

Dianne Ojar is “The Experiential Coach” and is the creator of “The Elephant in the Room” signature one-one program. It is a customized program and it is not a one size fits all. It is however “Worth it’s Weight in GOLD!”


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